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Friends of the AGA

Meet our friends! We have asked some wonderful people from across Alberta to share their love of the AGA Collection through a series of personal anecdotes and memories. Their stories of the artists and artworks they’re passionate about speak to the many ways viewing art can transform our lives. Please make a donation in support of these, and the many other outstanding artists, the AGA is proud to collect and exhibit!

Click on each image to read the full story of how our friends are inspired by the AGA Collection.

Mia Ohki and De Grandmaison's "A Valley Flower"
Mia Ohki, artist


Ahmed Knowmadic Ali with Amy Malbeuf's kayâs-ago: D. Cardinal (We may be oppressed but at least we aren’t depressed)
Ahmed Knowmadic Ali, poet and writer
Bruce McCulloch, Art Gallery of Alberta Donor and Patron
Bruce McCulloch, Actor, Writer, and Director


Marianne Scott, Art Gallery of Alberta Donor and Patron
Marianne Scott, Art Gallery of Alberta Donor and Patron


Sarah Hamilton with Poitras artwork
Sarah Hamilton, City Councillor for Edmonton’s Ward 5


Ryan Anderson with Kurelik artwork
Ryan Anderson, F&M


Rebecca Anderson with House artwork
Rebecca Anderson, F&M


Lindsey Sharman with Drever artwork
Lindsey Sharman, Curator


Fish Griwkowsky with Brennan artwork
Fish Griwkowsky, Journalist


John Will and Arsensault artwork
John Will, Artist
David Shepherd with Glyde artwork
David Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton-Centre


Thomas Banks with his favourite work
Thomas Banks, City of Edmonton Youth Council member


Sarah Chan with Laurencin artwork
Sarah Chan, Social Advocate


Corb Lund with McNaught artwork
Corb Lund, Musician


Tim Caulfield with Brennan artwork
Timothy Caulfield, Author and Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy


Christine Causing, Coordinator at The City of Edmonton's NextGen Initiative.
Christine Causing, Coordinator at The City of Edmonton's NextGen Initiative


Todd Hirsch with Janvier artwork
Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist, ATB Financial
Lauren Crazybull with Janvier artwork
Lauren Crazybull, Artist and Art Coordinator, iHuman Youth Society


Paula Simons with Cardiff artwork
Paula Simons, City Columnist, Edmonton Journal
Justine Barber with Phillips artwork
Justine Barber,  Co-founder, Poppy Barley


Julian Faid with Nicoll artwork
Julian Faid, Improv Artist, Rapid Fire Theatre


Chris Cran with Will artwork
Chris Cran, Artist


Catrin Owen photo
Catrin Owen, CEO, Calder Bateman


Erin Schwab with Voyer artwork
Erin Schwab, Artist and Instructor at Keyano College.


Janvier and Boissonnault
Randy Boissonnault, MP Edmonton Centre
Moirae Choquette, Program Manager, EEDC
Maggie Mitchell, AGA Donor and Patron
Maggie Mitchell, Art Gallery of Alberta Donor and Patron


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