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TREX testimonials

What people are saying about the TREX program

Selected comments from 2016-2017 AGA TREX exhibitions

Exhibition: ...rattled to the bone
Venue: Onoway Elementary School, Onoway

The Interpretive Kit was very useful. I always forward a link to teachers and enjoy reading ahead so that I am prepared for comments and questions. Visitors found many pieces to be quite stunning. The AFA TREX program is EXCELLENT!! A fantastic avenue to add culture to our student and school community experience.

Exhibition: Echo Chamber
Venue: Highlands School, Edmonton

Everything was excellent. The Interpretive Kit was very useful. Explanations and curricular links and cross-curricular connections can be exploited in greater depth. People asked a lot of questions and commented on the work bringing the hallways alive. People found the work thought provoking and stimulating. The AFA TREX program is excellent. Thanks to Shane Golby for answering questions in a timely manner and helping us problem solve.

Exhibition: Dreaming with my ‘Great Mother’....
Venue: Glendon School, Glendon

the Booking Catalogue and Interpretive Kit were both excellent. The artist bios and the lesson plans were especially useful. The exhibition was well received by visitors - because there were several artists there was something that appealed to everyone. The AFA TREX program is excellent - thank you for the opportunity.
Visitor comments:
- Great mix media! Love the vibrant colors.
- Amazing art. Wonderful ideas!
- Best art display ever!
- Fantastic display!
- Loved it! Beautiful!
- So gorgeous. Loved the color!
- Aboriginal Art is impressive and inspiring! So happy to have this opportunity to see great art!!

Exhibition: Path Makers
Venue: Stuart MacPherson Public Library, Lac La Biche

this exhibition was excellent as always. We love having the displays - many thanks to all!
Visitor comments:
- amazing talent
- Awesome!! Thanks for sharing the art.
- fantastic display
- divine and breathtaking all!
- Great display of culture and artists.
- An interesting and informative display of talent!

Exhibition: Cattle Call
Venue: Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC, Edmonton

Visitor comments:
- Absolutely captivated
- Recalls my days on the farm - cows were my best friends - Great Show!
- Fabulous exhibition - great works
- Humourous and thoughtful, I love it!
- I want to go home and paint a cow or two
- Moovarlous
- Very lovely, great experience
- Mackie and Lindoe and Schatz - wonderful show!
- Well executed!
- So much fun! 


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