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Staff listing

Working to inspire imaginations, engage generations and transform lives through art

Your AGA is a centre of excellence for the visual arts in Western Canada thanks to this talented and dedicated team. Meet our staff whose hard work creates a welcoming and engaging environment where people are motivated to transform their understanding of the world by connecting with the visual arts.

Staff Listing


Catherine Crowston, Executive Director and Chief Curator
Gianmarco Visconti, Executive Administrator

Exhibitions and Collections

Danielle Siemens, Interim Registrar
Lauren Ball, Curatorial Administrative Assistant
Leonore-Namkha Beschi, Curator of Interpretation and Engagement
Sherisse Burke, Preparator, TREX Program
Amery Calvelli, Adjunct Curator, Poole Centre of Design
Charles Cousins, Curatorial Designer
Shane Golby, Manager/Curator, TREX Program
Franchesca Hebert-Spence, Adjunct Curator, Indigenous Arts
Elisabeth Hill, Program and Engagement Coordinator
Sara McKarney, Exhibitions Coordinator
Dani Rice, Head Preparator
Jordan Rule, Preparator
Jessie Ray Short, Adjunct Curator, Indigenous Arts
Lindsey Sharman, Curator
Clint Wilson, Senior Preparator

Gallery Attendants

Paul Blinov
Mikayla Bradley
Mitchell Chalifoux
Luciana Erreque-Sacchi
Ainsley Hillyard
Rebecca John
Katelin Karbonik
Rita Neyer
Megan Warkentin

Education and Learning

Dara Armsden, Head, Education and Learning
Nicole Reeves, Education Business Manager

Gallery Educators and Instructors

Terrena Boss
Matt Bouchard
Liam Coady
Mitchell Dexter
Roger Garcia
Sophie Gareau-Brennan
Liuba Gonzales de Armas
Patrick Higgins
Jesssica Kerekes
Joyce Smayra
Noa Song

Finance and Administration

Pedro Carriel, Deputy Director/Head, Finance and Administration
Mike Slywka, Head, Facility Operations
Gracie Cai, Accounting Manager
Barry Reed, Accounting Administrator


Enterprise and Engagement

Janette Hubka, Head, Enterprise and Engagement
Thom Golub, Enterprise Associate

Guest Services

Alle DeMelo, Guest Services Representative
Amber Hope, Guest Services Representative
Clifford Humphrey, Guest Services Representative
Shelby Johnson, Guest Services Representative
Lisa Lunn, Guest Services Representative

Art Rental and Sales

Roger Garcia, Art Handler
Rael Lockwood, Art Rentals and Sales Associate

Shop AGA

Jasmine Bedingfield, Shop AGA Sales Associate
Talia Goa, Shop AGA Sales Associate
Olivia McDonald, Shop AGA Sales Associate
Veronica Petrola, Shop AGA Sales Associate
Seb Santoro, Shop AGA Sales Associate


Marketing and Communications

Alex Keays, Graphic Designer
Lexi Pendzich, Marketing Coordinator
Sarah Teasdale, Communications Coordinator


Sponsor and Donor Engagement

Megan Bertagnolli, Head, Sponsor and Donor Engagement
Barbara Keir, Donor Services Liaison 
Ana Ruiz, Event and Development Coordinator


Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11 am-8 pm
Wednesday: 11 am-8 pm
Thursday: 11 am-5 pm
Friday: 11 am-5 pm
Saturday: 10 am-5 pm
Sunday: 10 am-5 pm


Every Tues and Wed 5-8 pm - FREE

AGA members
Youth 0-17
Alberta students 18+
Out-of-province students
General admission
Seniors 65+


2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1