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AGA Education activities from home

Fun art activities from AGA Education and Learning

AGA Education online art class

Animal Architects


Join AGA Educator Kerri on Saturday mornings at 10am for an exploration of animal architecture. Register here.

AGA Education Studios video tutorials

View the playlist on our YouTube channel here.


Edmonton Entrances colouring pages

In 1974, Hubert Hohn undertook a comprehensive project entitled Edmonton Entrances, in which he photographed the decorated doorways of the 1940s and 1950s fieldstone and stucco bungalows that popped up around Edmonton. Here you will find six images inspired by his photographs that you can print and colour at home:

Edmonton Entrance one
Edmonton Entrance two
Edmonton Entrance three
Edmonton Entrance four
Edmonton Entrance five
Edmonton Entrance six

Hubert Hohn: Edmonton Entrances and Suburban Landscapes was organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta and presented by PCL Construction as a part of the Poole Centre of Design in 2018.


Melted crayon creations

Crayon melting


FOR KIDS (& their helpers): While colouring with crayons can give your art a unique look and texture, melting them is another fun way to create a masterpiece.

You’re going to need: a couple peeled crayons, a sharpener, a piece of cardstock or paper, wax paper, an old rag or cloth, an optional tool (ex. toothpick, paper clip, pencil), and something to cover the table with since things can get messy when working with melted crayons. You’ll also need an iron so make sure to ask a grownup for permission and help.

Before you begin, plug in your iron so it's ready when you are.

  1. Take your peeled crayons and sharpen them. Take the crayon flakes/shavings and set them aside.
  2. On your piece of cardstock/paper, place your crayon shavings where you would like.
  3. Using a piece of wax paper, cover your cardstock and crayon shavings. Place your old rag on top of the wax paper.
  4. With the help of a grownup, gently place your iron over top of the old rag. Be careful! The iron is hot!
  5. Remove the old rag and wax paper to unveil your beautiful piece of art!
  6. Optional Step: Using your tool, make scratches in the warm wax before it cools down too much! Make lines and circles and different shapes and form. This can help you make cool textures in your piece.

Show us your melted crayon creations by tagging us @youraga and using the hashtag #AGAcreate!

Melted crayon creation


Comic book template

comic book


Make your own comic book and tell a story! Using our downloadable template, create unique characters, settings and exciting adventures. Share yours with #AGAcreateDownload the template.

Charcoal sketch time-lapse

In this time-lapse video, we show you an easy way to create a reductive drawing using charcoal or chalk that an eraser?! To complete this drawing, apply chalk or charcoal to your paper and smudge it evenly with paper towel. Use the eraser to draw your image focussing on the lightest parts of the image. Use the charcoal to add deeper shadows and increase contrast. Share your own creations on social media by using the hashtag #AGAcreate.


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