Showcase your art at the AGA

SHOWCASE: Small spaces | big ideas is a community art project that highlights the work of local artists and creators.

Local design firm Oliver Apt. took inspiration from the building’s own architectural zinc tiles and created a constellation of 26 mini-exhibition spaces available for 2-month bookings. This non-juried exhibition is open to anyone of any age, experience or background who wants to show their artwork at the AGA. Each booking period brings a new look at the diversity of Alberta creativity.

Showcase dimensions


The AGA retains the right to refuse any submission that is deemed inappropriate for presentation in the public realm, primarily commercial in its intent, offensive and/or dangerous. The AGA also retains the right to remove a Showcase artwork at any time. Should this occur, the Showcase participant will be informed.

Please note: The AGA will make every attempt to book the Showcase space requested; however, an alternate Showcase space may be allocated at the AGA’s discretion depending on space available and submitted works.

Booking a Showcase case

We will soon announce the opening booking date for the May/June Showcase. Please check back.

Showcase Dimensions