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Stuart Adams

Stuart Adams is an Edmontonian who has worked in silver since 1995 and uses a fusing method to create sterling silver “art jewelry” – one-of-a-kind pendants, pins, rings and bracelets.

Each work goes through a process of discovery whereby a composition is assembled from irregular silver fragments that he heats to melting (961°C, 1763°F). The surface becomes glassy like a mirror and the metal wants to collect into a shiny, mercury-like puddle; bubbles and textures appear almost instantly, edges melt and curl almost as quickly as the pieces fuse together. The shapes and textures are unique, and Adams often accents his works with 14k gold, or semi-precious stones such as Ammolite, amethyst or lapis lazuli. The Egress Studio trademark is registered with the Canadian Intellectual Properties Office in compliance with Canada’s Precious Metals Act.

“I started silversmithing because I like to work with my hands, especially when my regular work as a communications consultant is cerebral, involving planning and writing. So, the studio is a place to go where “time stands still.” I like woodwork, but silver is more compact and practical (you can only make so many coffee table and store them, too). The gemstones are accents and present a challenge – I especially like Ammolite, which is Alberta’s official gemstone. My design process is centred on creating pleasing to the eye abstract compositions for people with a sense of individual style.”




Sterling pendant


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