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Li Salay Symposium: Day 2


Sherry Favell Racette, Our Lady of Laughter, 2017. Egg tempura on board. Courtesy of the artist.

Being and Becoming: Métis Art Continuums

Why is representation of Métis artists important? How does art inform cultural understanding? What is the context of Métis arts practices in Canada?

Join Métis artists, curators, writers and academics at the Art Gallery of Alberta for critical conversations on the current state of Métis art, understandings around material culture and the vital importance of making space for continuing dialogues exploring Métis art. In conjunction with the opening of exhibition Li Salay, this symposium invites Métis artists to contextualize their work. Li Salay is an unprecedented exhibition as the first survey exhibition of Métis art presented at a major institution.

Please reserve your free ticket. Limited spaces are available. 

In this session, panelists will speak to the history, present and future of Métis arts practice and the importance of this discussion in the context of Li Salay. Dr. Erin Sutherland will moderate the discussion with panelists around the representation and lack of representation of Métis art and critical dialogues to continue beyond the context of Li Salay.

Panelists:  Marilyn Dumont, Cathy Mattes, MJ Belcourt Moses and Dr. Sherry Farrell Racette

Moderator: Dr. Erin Sutherland


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