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Stories of the AGA: Sean Caulfield, artist


Sean works in print, drawing, artist's books and installation, often exploring the impact of industry/technology on nature, and the intersection of art and science. He is also a Centennial Professor at the University of Alberta where he teaches printmaking, and is a past president of the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists.

He credits the AGA (then the Edmonton Art Gallery) with transforming his outlook on art when he was studying at the University of Alberta. “I can remember several wonderful exhibitions that really affected my thinking about art and my place in the world, and helped shaped my path as an artist. I think it is important to underscore this, as the impact of an institution like the AGA often happens over the long term.”

Speaking as a professor, he explains that the AGA plays “a vital educational role, exposing students to artists both within and outside this community. The AGA brings in outstanding exhibitions, both historic and contemporary.” Through these exhibitions, he can research and consider “alternative creative methodologies” and see important trends in contemporary visual art. “It is absolutely essential for students to see the subtle nuances of a work in person, rather than to just view reproductions of artwork.

“I believe a vibrant arts community ensures that a city is culturally rich, diverse and innovative, as well as contributing to the economic strength to the region. The AGA plays a central role in defining and strengthening the province's—and more broadly Western Canada's—artistic and cultural identity. I choose to get involved with the AGA because I would like to help further this development in any way I can.”

July 14, 2017


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