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SOS: The End of Days for Survival Guide: A closing look at the exhibition


By Lynda Vang

In the current landscape of shifting political, economic and environmental challenges, Survival Guide is an exhibition that invites repeat visits. Featuring photographic, print, sculpture, video and performance artworks, Survival Guide examines strategies for survival within a contemporary art context. As the exhibition nears its end, we take a look a back at a few highlights from the exhibition and the art of survival.

Some of the programming highlights included live performances from artists Scott Rogers and Brendan Michal Heshka on opening weekend and the final performance by Ajla R. Steinvåg and Paul Segers that will have the two artists bury a piece from their work Future Artefacts.

Another highlight was the bushcraft survival workshop presented by survivalist instructor Mors Kochanski with Karamat Wilderness Ways. Widely recognized throughout North America and Europe, Mors is known for his extensive work in outdoor education, survival and wilderness living. Mors also collaborated with artist Nickelas “Smokey” Johnson on survival posters based on Kochanski’s survival book Bushcraft.

“Bushcraft is about connecting with the environment in a sustainable and long term scenario, with actions determined by the availability of resources and the type of environment you’re in.”

– Mors Kochanski

During this time of political uncertainty, Survival Guide resonated for many. The exhibition garnered some media attention from Vue Weekly, The Wanderer and The Edmonton Examiner.

Survival Guide curator, Kristy Trinier discussed her curatorial process and her inspiration around the exhibition in the article The Art of Survival for the AGA blog.

Visitors who came to Survival Guide shared some of their favourite moments from the exhibition on social media.

February 16 via @rmcrat

February 24 via @emilamily

February 24 via @tzadekavoice

February 17 via @youraga

Survival Guide prompted audiences to consider survival as a collective practice. It is not in the tools we have, but the knowledge we share that helps to inform us on how to get through times of stress or trauma. In the words of Mors Kochanski, “The more you know, the less you carry.”

Survival Guide was organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta and curated by Kristy Trinier. It was presented as a part of the Poole Centre of Design. Survival Guide opened on January 28th and closes on May 7th.

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May 02, 2017

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