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Discover Anne-Marie Chagnon’s VIBRATION


Fall in love with Anne-Marie Chagnon’s new line of handmade earrings, rings and necklaces. ShopAGA already carries the Montréal Jeweler’s iconic 2018 line, which is joined now by 2019’s dynamic and distinct VIBRATION collection, inspired by the vibrant colours of a 1980’s summer. Anne-Marie’s jewelry reflects and refines the lifestyle of those with an independent spirit through timeless gold, copper and bronze pieces, decked with pewter, glass and resin. ShopAGA and Anne-Marie Chagnon have your search for the perfect accessory covered with artful jewelry from the heart of Montréal.   

VIBRATION is all about the contrasts between soft and intense, polished and raw, past and present in this dynamic, candy-hued jewelry. Anne-Marie Chagnon revives the free-spirited pigments of the ‘80s with her new pieces, alongside satin pearls and raw metals to bring a burst of retro elegance to the modern woman’s look. Confetti-infused resin headlines this spring/summer collection, capturing fluid motion, and epitomizing the watercolour influence that flows throughout this line. The artist explores the simplicity and charisma of unruly, linear patterns in monochromatic resin adorned jewelry. VIBRATION is a beautifully handcrafted, uniquely colourful exploration of shape and texture from Canadian artist Anne-Marie Chagnon.

            An affinity for unique shape and texture drove Anne-Marie Chagnon to create her own distinctive and expressive jewelry line. Designed to match the energy of the dynamic soul who wears it, Anne-Marie’s works feature pewter, leather, 22k matte gold and bronze, and- highlight the classic beauty of these timeless materials, while adding a modern off-beat spirit. The artist has worked closely with the likes of fashion legend Iris Apfel-- Anne-Marie’s pieces were chosen by this icon to be displayed in the Peabody Essex Museum-- and Cirque du Soleil has solicited exclusive jewelry from the artist for a decade. Anne-Marie’s jewelry challenges conventional notions of why we wear jewelry in the contemporary era. After all, as Chagnon says:

Anne-Marie Chagnon's studio

Anne-Marie Chagnon's studio

“We don’t have to wear jewelry. We wear jewelry the way we carry a message. It’s a way of showing your difference.”

Striking, soulful, expressive-- find your new jewelry obsession with Anne-Marie Chagnon at ShopAGA.

Anne-Marie Chagnon


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