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Exhibition Access for Your Event

About Exhibition Access

You can book exhibition access and tours for your guests to enjoy during your event. We have a wide variety of tours and access options to suit your group. take a look at our options and pricing, or look at our private tours page to book outside your event. 


Why book Exhibition Access?

Exhibition Access provides a great opportunity for groups to experience our exhibitions at their own pace. Providing Exhibition Access to your guests makes a perfect addition to your special event at the AGA. Your guests will be welcomed into the exhibition(s) of your choice by our knowledgeable Gallery Attendants, and they will have the opportunity to explore the artworks during your event.

How long can I have Exhibition Access for during my event?

Booking Exhibition Access gives your group access to the selected exhibition(s) for a maximum of three hours. 

What is the difference between a Private Tour and Exhibition Access? Can I book both?

Private Tours are led by our knowledgeable Gallery Attendants, and are designed to offer an in-depth look into our exhibitions, through informed conversation and prepared tour stops. 

Exhibition Access allows guests to visit one or multiple exhibitions during your event at their own pace. While Gallery Attendants are present during Exhibition Access, they do not deliver tours.  

Private Tours can be added to Exhibition Access for an extra $100, and includes up to 10 guests. Additional guests may be added to the tour group at $10/person.

What is the role of the Gallery Attendant during Exhibition Access?

Gallery Attendants’ first and foremost responsibility is to oversee the safety of the artwork in the gallery space. They will also welcome your guests visiting the gallery, answer any questions related to the work exhibited and facilitate interactions with in-gallery interpretive activities, if desired.

Please note that Gallery Attendants do not provide security or act as bouncers for your event. 

What is the etiquette in the gallery space?

For the safety of our exhibitions, standard visitor guidelines apply to Gallery Access during private events. 

Admire, but don’t touch the artworks! Please keep a safe space between yourself and the artwork at all times.

Keep food and drink outside the exhibition spaces. 

Avoid bringing backpacks and large, bulky bags or other objects into the exhibitions. 

Flash-free photography is welcome in most exhibitions. In the case that photography is not allowed in a particular exhibition, the Gallery Attendant and signage at the door will notify you and your guests. Tripods and selfie sticks may not be used. 

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AGA members
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Seniors 65+


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