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Kids Drop-in: Animation

This event has passed.

BMO World of Creativity: Atelier is a maker space and animation studio for you to explore ideas and create magic! Learn how to animate, guided by an artist/illustrator! Make your own storyboards, characters and sets and then set all in motion in a 10 second film! Be sure to bring an email address to mail your film to.


Kids Drop-in: Halloween Monsters

This event has passed.

Tempt fate and take a roll with a 20-sided dice to create spooky and zany monsters. Take inspiration from Faye Heavyshield: Calling Stones (Conversations), with its stark shapes and contrasting colours. Survive the studio and walk away with something to scare away any monster (or trick-or-treater) this Halloween!


Kids Drop-in: What's the Story?

This event has passed.

Let’s discover the stories in Cutline: From the Photography Archives of The Globe and Mail. Gather the most important visuals from this exhibition and then turn your ideas into abstract symbols. After that we’ll use screen-printing to create artwork filled with our coded symbols to produce our own “true” story!

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