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Showcase: small spaces/big ideas


SHOWCASE: small spaces/big ideas is a community art project that highlights the work of local artists and creators.

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Taking inspiration from the building’s own architectural zinc tiles, the SHOWCASE wall was designed by local design firm Oliver Apt. It is a constellation of 26 mini-exhibition spaces available for 2-month bookings by anyone of any age, experience or background who wants to show their artwork at the AGA. This is a non-juried exhibition. Each booking period brings a new look at the diversity of Alberta creativity.

The aim of the AGA is to create a welcoming and engaging environment, in which people are motivated to transform their understanding of the world by making connections with the visual arts.

Celebrate your creativity and submit your artwork to SHOWCASE: small spaces/big ideas at your AGA.

More information on the Call for Submissions.

The AGA retains the right to refuse any submission that is deemed inappropriate for presentation in the public realm, primarily commercial in its intent, offensive and/or dangerous. The AGA also retains the right to remove a Showcase artwork at any time. Should this occur, the Showcase participant will be informed.

Please note: The AGA will make every attempt to book the Showcase space requested, however an alternate Showcase space may be allocated at the AGA’s discretion depending on space available and submitted works.

Showcase bookings for June/July are now full. We will re-open our bookings on August 1, 2017 for the September/October block.

Showcase 2017

Bookings open Drop off/booking deadline New Showcase begins Pick-up dates
November 1 January 8 January 10 March 10-19
February 1 March 5 March 7 May 2-7
April 6 May 7 May 9 July 4-9
June 1 June 26 July 4 Sept. 12-17


Currently Showing


1   Margriet Hogue
Mixed media

2   Margriet Hogue
Mixed media

3   Celia Bai
Bike to Work
Acrylic on canvas
Facebook: Celia Painting

4   Deann Stein Hasinoff
Digital drawing

5   Sharon Yee
Study of Lemons and Strawberries
Oil on canvas

6   Lady Cox and Syndicate Studios

7   Melissa L.A. Bishop

8   Margriet Hogue
Mixed media

9   JD Terhart
Instagram @jdterhart

10  Madeleine Arnett
Circle 2
Acrylic on canvas
Instagram @HitTheWallArt

11  Historical Painting and Decorating
Sign Painter
Mixed media

12  Cathy Burden
Rainy night in the City
Acrylic on canvas
Instagram @katemacb

13 Cindy James
Wax Wing Art Works
The Taste of Red 1 & 2
Encaustic, mixed media

14  Melissa L.A. Bishop
Light Godess

15  David Scott
Past Entrance
Mixed media

16  Tyler Biard
Quebec City, QC. 2017
Inkjet print on Ilford
Gold Fibre Silk paper

17  Deann Stein Hasinoff
Path to Grandma’s II

18  Tanny Southern
Waiting…150 EH!
Oil on canvas, composite statue

19  Marjorie Marshall
Wear Canada
Mixed media


20  JD Terhart
Portrait of Abdi
Instagram @jdterhart

21  Melissa L.A. Bishop
Wires Crossed

22  Frankie FBR

23 Anderson Wong
Number 1
Acrylic on canvas

24  Shirley E. Zago
Ceremonial/Jewelled Beach Sandal
Mixed media
Facebook: RedesignedJewellery

25  Veronika McGinnis
Clay and shellac
Instagram @veronikajanemcginnis

26 Frankie FBR
An old Angel for the birds
Mixed media