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Join us in BMO World of Creativity: Wild Wood, where people of all ages make art together! Participate in the art making stations and add your own tree to “Timberline” the collaborative community forest. Dream, draw, colour and leave your particular wish in the forest “Canopy”. Read a story or make up your own! Explore the forest with animal puppets and try bird watching!

In both folk stories and the subconscious, the woods are a place of mystery, refuge, and transformation. In nature, the woods are a home for many animals, plants and insects that are part of an ecosystem. Wild Wood will change over time just as forests evolve and change constantly. This change is captured in a time-lapse video for you to watch.

The BMO World of Creativity is an interactive, hands-on space where children and their grown-ups can explore their creativity. BMO World of Creativity exhibitions and themes change from year-to-year.

Organized by
  • Art Gallery of Alberta