Monument title treatment
In the RBC Work Room, Dara Humniski and Sergio Serrano explore tradition, artifact, ruins, utopias and the space between art and design.

RBC Work Room is a studio-like working space that supports the development of collaborative contemporary art projects. Local artists conceive and produce their artworks in this public gallery space, ultimately realizing a finished exhibition. This project format encourages and supports creative experimentation while providing artists from the region with much-needed studio and presentation space. RBC Work Room exposes the creative practices of artists to the public, allowing gallery visitors to see the progressive development of the exhibition from beginning to end.

This second RBC Work Room project features Edmonton artists/designers Dara Humniski and Sergio Serrano working in residence for a creative development period of six weeks. Their finished exhibition, Monument, will be on display from November 24 to February 19, 2018.

Using the methodologies of design as a medium to examine our present moment and interrogate the customs of creation, Humniski and Serrano will inhabit RBC Work Room to make works on paper, print editions and ephemeral or temporary works in various scales. Created both individually and in partnership, the resulting works featured in Monument will echo themes of tradition and ritual, artifact and archives, ruins, monuments, utopias and explore the areas between art and design, nature and technology, the real and the imagined, truth and fabrication, the familiar and the unknown.

RBC Work Room is an extension of the RBC New Works Gallery, which features new artworks by Alberta artists. This project series continues the Art Gallery of Alberta’s commitment to supporting the work of Alberta artists.

Organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta and presented as a part of the Poole Centre of Design with the support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project.