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Water: Creation and Capture

Catherine Hamel. Dissolve. Acrylic and Ink on paper, 2017. Collection of the artist

Available Periods 1 to 5 (2018 - 2019)

Water, Creation and Capture is an exhibit on a range of interaction of water that stems from dialogues between points of view that pay attention to different consequences of its action. It is a collaboration between a landscape photographer, a geologist and a visual explorer. Christine Halasa, Ian Thom, and Catherine Hamel present an exchange between captured moments in the flow, measured precision, and the openness of interpretive impact. It is a collaboration between paint, drawing and photography.

Water, Creation and Capture is a visual investigation that explores

exchanges between the material environment and the water that flows through it. The thematic lens is a process of archaeology traveled in both current horizontal surface conditions, as well as vertical deviations. Water is not a passive element but an active, integrated and integral part of an environment. Its path is both additive and subtractive. The exhibit is structured by six scales of impact and forms of action.

Scale Samples

Scale 1 _SEEP: Surface consequence

Scale 2 _ SWIRL: revealing its own inner structure through interaction

Scale 3_ REFLECT: what we do to it exposed

Scale 4_ INFILTRATE: sediment trade and negation

Scale 5_ ABSORB: the river changes itself

Curated by Todd Schaber, Art Gallery of Grande Prairie (TREX Region 1)


Exhibition Information

1 artist, 1 photographer, 1 geologist
6 Diptychs (digital photograph and a painting/drawing
2 didactics
2 crates
50 running feet

Cover image credit: Christine Halasa. Dissolve, 2017. Digital Photograph. Collection of the artist

Organized by
  • Art Gallery of Grande Prairie


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Every Thursday 5-8 pm - FREE

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2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1