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Re-Imaging Normal

Trudi Sissons. No Trump 3, 2017. Digital collage on paper. Private collection – Trudi Sissons

Available Periods 1 to 10 (2018 - 2019)

As defined by curator Michelle Lavoie, the term ‘normal’ refers to accepted ways of being: culturally constructed ideas around gender, sexuality and expected and accepted behaviour. Throughout time all societies have set norms of behaviour. As expressed by Lavoie, however, while society creates limits on behaviour these norms are always shifting.

One shift in societal norms has been views towards, and thus the rights of, Canada’s LGBTQ+ ‘community’. Prior to the 1960s homosexuality was considered a criminal offense. Since de-criminalization in 1969 there has been a steady, albeit arduous, progression concerning the legal rights of LGBTQ+ citizens in Canada. One result of this progress was the legalization of same-sex marriage across the nation in 2005.

While change is constant, however, there are those resistant to social, political and cultural transformations and who attempt to impose a narrow definition of ‘normal’ on society. The exhibition Re-Imaging Normal questions such aims. Combining archival materials with art works created by LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ-allied artists, this exhibition allows peoples’ own stories to be told, creating a space for dialogue between different communities so that the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’ are questioned and possibly expanded.

Curated by Michelle Lavoie and Shane Golby, Art Gallery of Alberta (TREX Region 2)

Exhibition Information

7 artists
16 art works
9 didactic/photographic works
2 text panels
3 crates
75 running feet

Cover image credit: Darcy Logan. When we play we grow wiser…, 2016. Faux vintage photo. Collection of the artist


Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11am-5pm
Wednesday: 11am-5pm
Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm


AGA members
Youth 0-17
Alberta students 18+
Out-of-province students
General admission
Seniors 65+


2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1