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Kleskun Hills: Views and View Points

Available Periods 1 to 5 (2017 - 2018)

Kleskun Hills Park is a geological sightseeing and historical destination located east of Grande Prairie and the site’s 90 hectares is the most northern occurrence of a badlands landscape in Alberta. It is a place where you will find fossilized fragments of dinosaur bones and wood, and ‘skeletonized’ hills with their alternating layers of clays, sands and narrow seams of coal, which represent sediments deposited under prehistoric lakes and seas. Walking trails exploring the hills provide the opportunity to examine the many species of plants and grassland birds, and viewpoints provide a far-reaching view overlooking the badlands. On the far end of the trails is a First Nation Burial Ground where the Beaver and Cree People once buried their dead.

It was the uniqueness of this area, along with its rich imagery, that inspired the artists Naomi Deutekom, Teresa Durand, and Helena Mulligan to create artwork and develop a group exhibition.

An area established in 1979 as protected land, one that is appreciated by geologists and historians, receives the artists’ personal interpretation. In addition to documenting the area for generations to come, it is their artwork that allows viewers of the exhibition the opportunity to experience and appreciate the land through their eyes. 

Curated by Todd Schaber, Art Gallery of Grande Prairie (TREX Region 1) 

Exhibition Information

3 artists
18 art works
2 didactics
60 running feet
2 crates 


Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11 am-8 pm
Wednesday: 11 am-8 pm
Thursday: 11 am-5 pm
Friday: 11 am-5 pm
Saturday: 10 am-5 pm
Sunday: 10 am-5 pm


Every Tues and Wed 5-8 pm - FREE

AGA members
Youth 0-17
Alberta students 18+
Out-of-province students
General admission
Seniors 65+


2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1