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Showcase: Small spaces | big ideas

Showcase your art at the AGA

March-April Showcase on display March 3

SHOWCASE: Small spaces | big ideas is a community art project that highlights the work of local artists and creators.

Local design firm Oliver Apt. took inspiration from the building’s own architectural zinc tiles and created a constellation of 26 mini-exhibition spaces available for 2-month bookings. This non-juried exhibition is open to anyone of any age, experience or background who wants to show their artwork at the AGA. Each booking period brings a new look at the diversity of Alberta creativity.

Bookings for Showcase May-June 2020 are now open! Click here to book.

Install Date Showcase Dates Pickup Date
January 4 January 9 Jan 11 - Feb 25  February 28
February 25 February 29 Mar 3 - Apr 21 May 1
April 21 May 2 May 5 - Jun 23 July 2
June 23 July 3 Jul 7 - Aug 25 August 27
August 25 August 28 Sep 1 - Oct 20 October 29
October 20

October 30

Nov 3 - Dec 22 January 8

Showcase dimensions

The AGA retains the right to refuse any submission that is deemed inappropriate for presentation in the public realm, primarily commercial in its intent, offensive and/or dangerous. The AGA also retains the right to remove a Showcase artwork at any time. Should this occur, the Showcase participant will be informed.

Please note: The AGA will make every attempt to book the Showcase space requested; however, an alternate Showcase space may be allocated at the AGA’s discretion depending on space available and submitted works.

Submitting Work to Showcase: Helpful Hints

Submitting to Showcase is easy and open to all, and we have some guidelines to help you through the process.


Registration is done online, via the link at the top of this page. Click the link and follow the prompts to select a space, then input your information in to the form. Spaces are priced individually, $21 plus GST.

When registering, make sure to use current contact information that you check regularly. If we are unable to contact you, we may not be able to return your work to you at the end of your Showcase period.

Be detailed about display methods, and the works themselves. We often get multiple works in one submission, and for these we need to know which work is which. Detailed descriptions and labeled works make this easier!

Preparing Works

As every artist knows, always label your work. please include the artist name and title of work somewhere inconspicuous on the work so we can keep good track of it, and return it safely to you. Taking a documentary photo of the work is also good for your records, as well as pickup.

Package works for drop-off in a labeled bag or box; this is what the work will be stored in until it goes on display. you can drop off any time after you register online, so iff you drop-off early, make sure your work can be stored however it is wrapped.

Drop-off and Pickup

Drop off work at the Guest Services Desk during regular gallery hours, labeled and packaged, with a paper copy of the submission form filled out and signed. This allows us to track where your work is stored, and contact you for pickup. 

Pickup is up to to two weeks after your Showcase period is finished. Your confirmation email will have exact dates listed. We cannot guarantee work will be kept past this period, as storage is limited. Pickup is at the Guest Services Desk. Give them your name and description of your work (that documentary photo helps here) and they will retrieve your work. 


Monday: closed
Tuesday: 12-6pm
Wednesday: 12-6pm
Thursday: 12-8pm
Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm


AGA members
Youth 0-17
Alberta students 18+
Out-of-province students
General admission
Seniors 65+


2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1