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From Here. Convening Place


From Here. Convening Place is a local response to neighbourhood design that seeks to understand new ways of defining the home. How can our urban habitat be more hospitable to the act of convening or gathering? What is the role of habitat (or home) as it relates to multiple generations? And, what opportunities are there for a deeper re-connection with the land in an urban setting?

Seeking new methods of community connection to place, emerging designers from Edmonton and Calgary will work with the non-profit research cooperative Cohabitation Strategies to identify a new relationship with the home. Based in New York, Rotterdam, and Ibiza, Cohabitation Strategy’s action research endeavours to facilitate transformative and progressive urban intervention projects. Leading the instigation of the project are two of Cohabitation Strategy’s founding members: Lucia Babina, a cultural activist focused on sustainable ways of coexistence, and Gabriela Rendón, an architect and urban planner committed to social and spatial justice.

Working with Cohabitation Strategies are Edmonton-based artist, curator, intern architect, and core member of Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective Tiffany Shaw-Collinge along with Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson, founders of the design+build practice Studio North in Calgary. The research will involve a partnership with a local community organization in Edmonton and result in an installation on the terrace that draws together ideas about community, Indigenous definitions of the land and sense of time, and the notion of shared habitat.

Cohabitation Strategies (Lucia Babina, Gabriela Rendón)

Tiffany Shaw-Collinge

Studio North (Mark Erickson, Matt Kennedy)

Organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta. Curated by Amery Calvelli. Presented by PCL Construction as part of the Poole Centre of Design. 



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Every Thursday 5-8 pm - FREE

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2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2C1