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Bystanders interior image

Interior Image: George Webber, Gerry, Calgary, 2002, 2002. Colour photograph on paper, Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

August 28, 2019 – February 19, 2020

Chance is an enigmatic aspect of human experience. It determines who we meet and what we encounter. Chance can be fortuitous, or it can be a stroke of bad luck. Its impact can meaningfully alter our life’s course or become a bump in the road that we scarcely remember. For street photographers chance is monumental. It is something they seek, anticipate and, in a split second, capture. 

Armed with a camera and few preconceptions, street photographers enter public spaces as ‘bystanders’ to the scenes that unfold before them. They raise their cameras and hold a mirror to everyday life, hoping to capture a candidness that cannot escape the physiognomy and accuracy of the medium.

The images selected or this exhibition, from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, offer a diverse range of subjects captured throughout Alberta and abroad over the course of four decades. Each photograph contains a scene made significant by the photographer in its capture and nostalgic by time in its passing - decisive moments made memorable by chance.

Curated by Shannon Bingeman, Alberta Society of Artists, TREX Region 3

Cover Image: Ric Kokotovich, Mardi Gras, no date. Colour photograph, hand painted on paper, Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Organized by
  • Alberta Society of Artists


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