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Refinery: Material World

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Calling all princes of plastic and the queens of cardboard
the dukes of duct tape and the gentry of garbage glamour!

We’re turning what it means to be materialistic on its head by transforming the things we throw away into art, outfits, and accessories worthy of a royal night out.
Join us on March 24 for a late-night art party where we make rags into riches and spin garbage into gold!


Chad Baba is an Edmonton artist and father with a passion for bygone and unique objects. He was born in British Columbia of Japanese-Canadian heritage.

His art practice centers around the re-purposing and re-imagining of old and abandoned materials into new art. Simply put, Chad turns what some may consider junk into new forms of artistic expression. Chad’s sense of history both informs and guides his practice. His approach to the creation of art is very hands-on. Time has its way with everything and Chad’s art in some ways stops or least temporarily halts this erosion. From his sculptures to his lamps, a new life is given to these castaway items.

Playing with light, movement and recycled materials in a manner that captures and compliments the surrounding environment was the inspiration for this installation.


A recent graduate from the University of Alberta’s Fine Arts program, Madison Dewar is a painter and printmaker in Edmonton. In her work, Madison uses the natural landscape as a means to explore a variety of topics, such as environmentalism, food culture and queer history. Often, she utilizes processes involving natural materials, such as creating her own inks from local plants and fruits. Her work has been shown at a variety of venues, including Epcor Tower, FAB Gallery, and Zoominescence: A Festival of Light. In 2016, she was selected as an RBC Emerging Artist in Residence at the Nina Haggerty Center, where she continues to work.

With 15+ years of experience in the YEG music scene, Kris is constantly around the world of dance music.  From Connected Entertainment to the Chvrch of John & Axe & Smash, Kris's projects find ways to stay on the fringe of underground while never losing sight of the dance floor. Constantly looking for his next favourite song in the interweb ethers, he's hoping to find your new favourite as well. Anything from house to hip hop, and anything in between. If you catch him on the turntables, get your dancing shoes and Shazam app ready. You'll be wanting both.

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Early bird tickets on sale until Mar 7
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