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Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project community tour

Second floor
Jerson Reyes representing the Latin American Community Engagement Network (LACEN)

Join us at the AGA on Tuesday evenings at 6pm for a series of tours of Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project led by Edmonton community members.

Mexican by birth, Jerson Reyes is the entrepreneur owner of several companies in Alberta, he is also a board member of LACEN since 2016.

LACEN is the Latin American Community Engagement Network in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A registered non-profit social serving agency, that has been creating change in the Latino community since 2011. LACEN is the conduit in which Project/Community Coordinators and Cultural Liaisons create change, one person at a time. In his position, Jerson has contributed in promoting cultural events that showcase the Latin American community in Edmonton.

This evening and on behalf of LACEN, Jerson will lead an interactive tour during which he will talk about his connection with Canada and Mexico: the similarities that he identifies between these two countries and their differences, but most importantly why he calls Canada "home". Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the conversation and talk about their own point of views.

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