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Opening Party: Rebellious

Featuring live music by Sleepy Panther

Your AGA welcomes everyone to join us for the Opening Party of our latest exhibition.

The event starts at 7pm with opening remarks by AGA Executive Director, Catherine Crowston at 7:30pm. With all galleries open and live music by Sleepy Panther playing throughout the evening, the Opening Party for Rebellious: Alberta Women Artists in the 1980s is set to be a lively night at the gallery!

Fun fact: One of Sleepy Panther's band members, Rita McKeough, is also an artist in the exhibition. Watch for her work as you explore the gallery! 

As always, AGA members are free.
Regular admission: 12.50 + GST


Over a shared cup of fair-trade coffee, Richard Brown and Rita McKeough were debating the finer points of Pop vs. Rock and the uncharted mysteries of indie music. After ten years of debating, they figured out they needed a bass player. Through coercion and trickery, they managed to secure the talents of Audrey Burch. This down beat, argumentatively rock AND/OR pop band is now known locally, and online, as Sleepy Panther.

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$12.50 + GST | Free for AGA Members
$12.50 + GST | Free for AGA Members
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