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National Indigenous Peoples' Day

Free admission to the galleries for all visitors. 

On June 21, for National Indigenous Peoples Day, the AGA will be offering FREE admission all day long and special programming. Take in exhibitions featuring the work of First Nations and Métis artists, including Cul-de-Sac and Fix your hearts or die.


Parfleche Painting Workshop with Alaynee Goodwill-Littlechild

Join Dakota/Lakota multimedia artist and designer Alaynee Goodwill-Littlechild for a free workshop on National Indigenous Peoples Day. Parfleche is painted rawhide, a durable and incredibly versatile material that was essential to many Plains tribes. Parfleche was used to make containers, maps, calendars and gifts. The designs painted on parfleche were just as important as what was held inside, often showing special family designs, stories and important events. Parfleche painting has evolved and continues to thrive as an important reflection of history, storytelling and individualism.

Workshop participants will learn about the history of Parfleche and its significance to Plains tribes. They will construct and paint their own parfleche piece to take home.

Workshop Times


Spaces are limited for each workshop. Come early for your chosen workshop, as each workshop will be filled on a first come first served basis.


“I am a registered social worker, child and family advocate, business owner, arts instructor, powwow dancer and mother.  Within my pieces, I share who I am and the stories of my people, while honouring my family and celebrating life.  Keeping the integrity of traditional art processes, each piece is constructed using the most authentic materials and culturally accurate methods to ensure the highest quality of plains quillwork.  My work pays tribute to the history of a plains tribe and carries the cultural continuum of a beautiful and proud people.”

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'Pay what you May' admission for all essential service workers and our friends in the arts and culture sector.

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