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Film Night | The Radicals and The Internet Café

This month’s film night is a double feature: two independent films that connect to current exhibition Boarder X. One documents local skateboarding talent and the community fostered by skateboarding, while the other features Boarder X artist Meaghan O’Brien and reflects on the relationship between outdoor sports and the land.

The Radicals (2018) follows an active group of snowboarders and surfers who drift away from their respective sports into the world of frontline activism. The film follows their journey across the West Coast of Canada, featuring visually stunning sport photography while uncovering critical social and environmental issues. Producers Tamo Campos and Jasper Snow-Rosen are the directors of a non-profit called Beyond Boarding. Campos says:

“The Radicals takes its audience beyond the slops and beaches and challenges outdoor sports enthusiasts to reflect on their relationship to the land.”

55 min, unrated

The Internet Cafe (2018), by filmmaker/producers Ty Zahr and Jordan Staples of Golde Skateboarding, shines a light on the culture of skateboarding in Edmonton, showcasing local talent as well as the companionship and community that grows around the sport. 

47 min, unrated

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