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Community Tour | Fix your hearts or die

Group in exhibition

Photo by Leroy Schulz

Free event during Thursday All Access Evening
6-7 pm (Meet at Guest Services)

Join us at your AGA for a Community Tour of Fix your hearts or die. This series presents visitors with unique perspectives on the stories and history told in the exhibition. 

This evening we are thrilled to welcome Edmonton 2 Spirit Society Co-Chair Jeff Chalifoux.


Jeff is an Indigenous Two Spirit father, member of the Métis Nation, and social worker who is an advocate for sexual and gender diverse minority communities. He works with the Edmonton Men’s Health Collective as the Program Coordinator of the PeerNPeer Harm Reduction Program working towards supporting the queer community in harm reduction associated with sexualized substance use. Aptly so, as he openly shares his lived experiences through homelessness, 20 years of active substance use and over 12 years in correctional systems. He is also Co-Chair of the Edmonton 2 Spirit Society, seeking to help make positive changes for Two Spirits while fostering their inclusion and bringing them back to the Sacred Circle. Jeff sits on the Sexual and Gender Diverse Committee with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

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2 Sir Winston Churchill Square
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