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Art For Lunch: Marigold Santos: SURFACE TETHER

Marigold Santos, regrounding, 2011. Mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist. 

Body as Object. Body as Medium. 

Marigold Santos' practice features a variety of media and techniques, among them very prominently painting and tattooing. Through its centrality in her paintings, the body—often identifiable as the Asuang, a being from Filipino folklore whose destructive and generative powers she uses as a symbol for metamorphosis—becomes the object of the observer's focus as well as the main message. In her tattoo practice, however, the body serves as the medium—a canvas for intimacy and personal meaning for both artist and client. The artwork embodies life and change as much as it IS life and change.

In this exhibition, message and meaning of Marigold Santos' practice and symbolism converge in a photo series of a tattoo she did on a personal friend, Lou, to cover their top surgery scars. Transition and metamorphosis, expressed through floral motifs, stand still and contrast with a body that is forever changing.

Join us on Thursday April 18, 12:10–12:50 pm for an in depth look at Marigold Santos: SURFACE TETHER. Free with admission. Tour meets at Guest Services. 

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