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Welcome Victoria!


Meet the new Enterprise and Engagement Liaison at your AGA

It’s often said that positive first impressions lead to positive relationships. Fortunately, the AGA’s new Enterprise and Engagement Liaison, Victoria Modine, knows how to make a good first impression. You may remember Victoria as one of the first points of contact at Guest Services. Her friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of the gallery made her a favourite among guests, members and anyone else who walked through the AGA doors. Now in her new role as the Enterprise and Engagement Liaison, Victoria is excited to nurture her existing relationships with members and to engage members in a more meaningful way. We caught up with Victoria to learn more about her new role.

Congratulations on your new role! How long have you been involved with the AGA?
I started at the AGA originally as a volunteer Exhibition Guide back in 2014, but then began employment in autumn 2015 at Guest Services.

Why did you decide to get involved with the AGA—and stay involved after all this time?
I fell in love with the culture here at the AGA whilst volunteering, so when a more permanent role opened up, I jumped at the chance!

Before starting your new role, you were a part of the great Guest Services team.  What’s your favourite memory of working at Guest Services?
What I loved about working at Guest Services is that no two days were ever the same. Meeting new visitors and becoming acquainted with returning ones, all while working with the fun, amazing staff, made every shift a treat!

Tell us more about your new role as the Enterprise and Engagement Liaison.
In my new role as Enterprise and Engagement Liaison, I will be primarily focused on all aspects of AGA memberships; including corporate membership. I will also continue to support front end staff at Guest Services, Shop AGA and Art Rental and Sales.

What are you hoping to accomplish in your new role?
My experience working at Guest Services allowed me to connect with members in an authentic way. Being on the front lines provided me with a great opportunity to build meaningful relationships with members and to really hear their thoughts upon each gallery visit. In my new role as the Enterprise and Engagement Liaison, I look forward to bringing the insights I learned from those conversations and continue to nurture member relations. From speaking to members on a daily basis I know how invested they are in the AGA, so one of my main priorities is to show reciprocation in letting members know that we work to create positive and enjoyable experiences for them.

Can you please share a little known fact about yourself?
I have my BA in Classics specialising in ancient Greek religion and military history. I have also been a tap dancer since I was three years old.

Be sure to welcome Victoria in her new role. For members’ inquiries, comments, or to share words of welcome—feel free to contact Victoria at


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