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Support Indigenous Artists at Shop AGA


National Indigenous Peoples' Day on June 21 is just a few days away! In addition to enjoying your AGA’s free admission all day long and special programming, make sure to swing by Shop AGA and browse the diverse collection of products we carry that feature art by Indigenous artists, and brands that partner with organizations who support Indigenous art and culture.

Red and White Studios

Veran Pardeahtan creates brightly coloured, contemporary ceramics using traditional techniques in a contemporary style. Pardeahtan states that the focus of his work is to show that "Native art is not dead or stagnant, rather, it is alive and vibrant!” His pieces are inspired by a variety of elements found in the environment, and, to him, they often represent nature, harmony and peace among people. Based now in Edmonton, Veran is of Russian-Canadian and Apache descent, and grew up in the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona.

The work has Southwest traditions at its core, yet it is influenced in its design and aesthetics by time spent with Northern Indigenous peoples. Pardeahtan espouses that he takes a shamanic approach to his artistic expression and creativity, which reflects his cultural background. His approach emphasizes the understanding of spiritual values, symbols and imagery of aboriginal culture.

red and white studios products

Combining the formal elements of painting and sculpture, Pardeahtan re-interprets the essence of past traditions and gives them relevance in current time, honouring those who came before us.

“My introduction to the ways of the mainstream art community, along with the messages of the Native Elders, have given me an awareness of the need to engage in building bridges through art between the peoples of all nations.”

Learn more about Red and White Studios:


Traditional Drums

Traditional Drums image

Tied by Indigenous artist Michael Jody Fraser, these instruments are meant to inspire introspection and understanding. Fraser hopes that his drums help people better understand who they are and where they came from. He also strives to encourage others, through his work, to understand the responsibility we carry for our families and communities. Fraser has also partnered with artist Kevin Cardinal to add colourful designs to the leather, completing these stunning instruments.


Oscardo is a Canadian company that distributes unique souvenirs, designed by Indigenous artists, that feature beautiful Canadian and North American images.You can find a variety of products from Oscardo at Shop AGA – from mugs and magnets, to accessories like scarfs and ties. Every artist Oscardo works with receives royalties from sales, and no product goes to production without the artist’s approval.

You can find Oscardo products with images from artists including Alex Janvier, Daphne Odjig, Andy Everson, Benjamin Chee Chee, Dawn Oman, Francis Dick, John Rombough, Kenohuak Ashevak, Lee Claremont, Maxine Noel, and Norval Morrisseau.

Learn more about Oscardo:

Native Northwest

This Canadian company prides itself in “representing the diversity of cultures and clans of the Pacific Northwest and beyond to make authentic Indigenous design accessible to all.” Since the 1980’s, Native Northwest has been committed to exclusively working with Indigenous artists to respectfully represent their art, culture and community.

By carrying Native Northwest’s beautiful collection of souvenirs, Shop AGA supports this company’s vision to celebrate and share First Nations and Native American arts with the world. 

 The selection in our shop incudes socks, pins, stickers, notebooks, and kitchen products like bowls, mugs, and tea towels, from artists like Darrell Thorne, Simone Diamond, Francis Horne, Ben Houstie, Wayne Edenshaw, Jason Adair, Ben Houstie, Simone Diamond, Keith Tait, Corey W. Moraes, Ryan Cranmer, Mark A. Jacobson, Corey Bulpitt, Paul Windsor, and Melaney Gleeson-Lyall.

Additionally, Native Northwest partners with organizations to support Indigenous peoples and communities through culturally appropriate curricula material such as books and games, as well as support to reconciliation, suicide prevention, residential school survivors, women in transition, and early childhood learning.

Learn more about Native Northwest and their partnerships:

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Books in Indigenous Languages

Shop AGA has a wide selection of books by Indigenous writers, illustrators and artists. Some of the selection includes:

  • Educational children’s board books with numbers and words written in Cree, Ojibway, English and French.
  • Story books in Cree, Inuktitut and English.
  • Illustrated children’s books with art from various indigenous artists.
  • Colouring books that feature art from Cree, Northern Dene, and Blackfoot cultures. 

Shop AGA is committed to recognizing Indigenous artisans and sharing their work with the people of Edmonton in June during National Aboriginal History Month, and throughout the year. Come see what's in store.

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