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Refinery FAQ


Ready to attend your first Refinery, but unsure what to expect? Look through our FAQ to find the answers to all the questions you've been too shy to ask.


What’s the Dress Code for Refinery: Material World? Do I have to wear a costume?

Refinery happens twice a year and has a new theme each time. Although attendees are encouraged to put together special outfits to match the theme, it’s by no means required. Feel free to take the theme as a challenge to get creative and craft the perfect thematic attire, or do your thing and come wearing your favourite party outfit.

If making a special thematic costume for Material World isn’t your thing, but you still want to join in while you’re at the party, stop by one of our activity stations where you can make your own paper crown or other accessories to adorn yourself with. 


Is there food at Refinery? What can I expect?

Your ticket includes some food available near the bar area of the AGA on the main floor on the night of Refinery. We try to have options to satisfy as many dietary restrictions as we can to make sure attendees have sufficient sustenance to keep them partying all night!

Don’t expect a full meal, but you will find small food items that are easy to eat while you continue to explore everything Refinery has to offer. The menu changes for each event and Zinc’s Chef David Omar finds inspiration in our themes to craft a unique menu for each Refinery.


What kind of activities are at Refinery? What makes Refinery special?

Refinery is the AGA’s Late Night Art Party. This means we have all the ingredients for a fun, late-night art party including an awesome DJ, plentiful bar, a great dance floor and a fun crowd.

On top of all this, Refinery also has activities to further explore a uniquely selected theme. These activities change for each Refinery but always include some form of art-making, often resulting in you having an accessory you can wear to suit the party’s theme if you want to, without having to plan ahead. We also invite artists to create special installations to transform our atmosphere into something new and interesting.

At Refinery: Material World we will have a few different activities that allow you to get hands-on and make something. Artist Madison Dewar will be facilitating a block printing activity at which attendees can transform something they bring from home into something new, or use one of the materials the AGA will provide to have a keepsake of your evening at Refinery. Keep your eye on the webpage and social media to get more information as additional details are unveiled.

In addition to these activities, all the galleries will be open for attendees to enjoy, too. Check out the art gallery exhibitions while you party on these special evenings.


If you haven't purchased your tickets to Refinery: Material World yet, now's the time!

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February 28, 2018


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