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Fat Brain Toys: Something for Everyone at Shop AGA

Photo of a variety of Fat Brain Toy products

Fat Brain Toys are bright, colourful, and fun-filled.

When you need to keep the young ones entertained swinging by Shop AGA for high quality toys is a must. Our shelves promise to have something for all ages and interests!

We know the importance of thoughtfully-designed, bright, durable toys that bring out creativity in kids. Every child is unique, and we offer a great variety for parents and grandparents who are shopping for the perfect fit. From spinning and popping to stacking and rolling, Shop AGA has got you covered.

One of our favourite toy companies is Fat Brain Toys. With humble beginnings, this company is on a mission to “enrich families and provide a ‘Smarter Way to Play’ by inspiring creativity and sparking curiosity.” 

We choose to bring Fat Brain Toys to Shop AGA because their products provide hours of creative play, are visually stimulating and tactile, and encourage the development of concentration and problem-solving skills. Additionally,  unstructured, open-ended play, like Fat Brain Toys provides can enhance creativity and logical reasoning abilities. Fat Brain Toys are designed with both parents and children in mind. Our selection offers options for kids from as young as 6 month olds to kids 8 and older. Best of all, they are dishwasher-safe! These toys are built to last, so you'll be able to pass them onto friends and family!

Once Upon A Time

Fat brain toys started in 2002 as a small home basement operation in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Their story begins with a ten-year-old who was fascinated by a magnetic building toy he got for his birthday. He was compelled to go online to see if he could get a bigger set. When he found it difficult to find, he suggested to his dad that they start an online toy store. These first steps led the way to great success! The company grew quickly, and by 2008 Fat Brain Toys opened their first retail store, adding a second location in 2014.

From Baby Showers to Birthday Parties: Shop AGA Has the Perfect Gift!  

Toys for babies
6 months–1+: Whirly Squigz, OombeeCube, Tobbles, MiniSpinny, PipSquigz, SpinAgain, and Wimzle.  



toddlers and preschool aged kids
3–5+: Squigz, Mini Squigz, and Dado Cubes.



Older children
Ivan’s Hinge, Crankity, Block Builders, and Coggy.


Next time you’re shopping for the littlest ones in the family, come over to Shop AGA and take a minute to ignite your creativity with Fat Brain Toys. Our friendly and knowledgeable shop associates will be happy to show you how to play with these great options!

July 23, 2018

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