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Back to School Art Resources


Back to school season is in full swing. This is a busy time for parents and students, and of course, teachers, instructors, and professors! If you’re an educator preparing your fall curriculum, we want to make sure that you know about the art resources we have available in store at Shop AGA.

The Art of Instruction

These are just a few of the books you'll find in our shop filled with practical, helpful information about materials and techniques.

Techniques in color book     Techniques in color book interior

All About Technique in Color – An Indispensable Manual for Artists is a comprehensive guide to understanding colour and exploring the many ways in which colour can come across when painting. From basic knowledge like how to mix and create texture, to more complex techniques to impart depth, light and shadows, this book is sure to be an amazing resource for any beginner.

Materials and techniques book      Art techniques book interior

Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques for Drawing and Painting is an amazing resource to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of selection of art supplies if you're feeling overwhelmed. You will see the authors’ comments and advice about various materials and media, like drawing pencils, paints, varnishes, solvents, and the list goes on. The technique portion of the book covers a wide variety of styles including hatching, gradation, and impasto. A valuable resource for beginners and professionals alike!

Barron’s also offers technique books for oils and watercolours!

Techniques in oil book      Techniques in watercolour book interior

The Art of Theory

When it comes to art theory, Shop AGA also offers titles that could assist with classroom curricula, or for research.

Methods and theories books

Methods & Theories of Art History by Anne D’Alleva is described as “an accessible introduction to the range of critical theories used in analyzing art.” Ideal for an undergraduate student, this title also covers practical ideas about writing art history papers that dive into art theory.

Story of Art book

Lastly, The Story of Art. This popular publication by E.H. Gombrich is an introduction to the whole subject of art and its history – from cave paintings to modern art.

Come down to Shop AGA to check out these handy selection, art supplies for your classroom, and more!

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