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AR&S Feature: Local Photographer Lee Anne Pellerin


Lee Anne Pellerin. Untitled. Photography. 1150$ to purchase, 35$ to rent

Edmonton artist and photographer Lee Anne Pellerin has been making eye-catching images for over twenty years. Through her colourful photographic work, she takes ordinary objects and everyday experiences and turns them into works of art.

Her photographs, which include details of street graffiti, tattoos, clusters of buoys in a shipyard, the prows of ships in the dock turned toward each other as if in conversation, peoples’ faces, concrete corners, even rain or frost on a window, are all made into art by the unusual way she captures the world around her.

Lee Anne’s compositions play with focal length, movement, and framing, leaving the viewer to wonder as much about what is left out of the picture as what is contained within the frame. Her inimitable style is unique: she photographs what she likes “because they are beautiful images,” which need no elucidation as to why she decided to photograph one thing over another. Simply put, the art Pellerin makes is a unique expression of what Pellerin herself finds beautiful.

Whether she blurs the image until all we can focus on are blocks of colour and abstract, though perhaps vaguely familiar looking shapes, or whether she photographs buildings and construction projects from uncommon angles, or uses repeating patterns or unusual juxtapositions of objects or people, or even when she photographs the reflection of an object instead of the object itself, Pellerin’s work has an immediacy that delights the senses. She has given us an urban fantasy playground that draws a viewer in, and through her photographs, we can begin to see the wonder in ordinary experiences.

Lee Anne Pellerin has exhibited with groups of other artists since 1994, and as well as a solo artist since 1995. In 2002, she won a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for her project Gabriel, which was featured on a billboard on 103 avenue and 102 street, for the 2003 Works Art and Design Festival.

Her most recent solo exhibition was in 2010, called There Is No Help Coming, which was hosted by the Lando Gallery, in Edmonton. In 2010, Pellerin also produced her colourful photographs for several group shows with Lando Gallery, including Art Lasts Longer Than Chocolate, and It’s a New Year at Lando! Also in 2010, a busy year for this inexhaustible artist, Pellerin created For Gilbert, for The Works Art and Design Festival.


What’s next for this creative photographer? Well, whatever art Pellerin will next reveal to the world, you can be sure it is going to be a beautiful image.

October 27, 2017


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