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photograph, C print on Kodak Endura photo paper

This photo is from the series ‘Two Wheelers’ in which I address a common condition of urban life - the reduction of personal living space. I’m interested in looking at how people deal with restrictions on their space, and the creative solutions to those restrictions.
We were visiting our daughter and husband at their new apartment. Driving through the underground parking lot, I noticed that each stall had a couple of hooks in the wall for residents to hang their bikes on. Zipping past the stalls, it looked like the bikes were floating through the air! Later that afternoon I returned to the parking lot and started taking photos.
Looking at the different parking stalls, I see how each tenant has a small, clearly defined section to store their car, their bikes, their ‘stuff’. The borders of each space are clearly defined and, in effect, frame the contents of that area; each parking stall serves as a small stage for the tenant’s ready-made ‘installation’. Not only are there floating bikes, there’s clever combinations of tires, camping gear, and automotive products. The heavy yellow stripes recur throughout this series of photos and serve as a bold, defining element in each composition. They don’t simply mark boundaries, they act as immovable, emotionless sentries - keepers of the space.
With each image set in the same environment, a sort-of typology model is created. The viewer becomes familiar with the similar environments, so their attention is more focused on the idiosyncrasies of the arranged objects in each space. I make an effort to respect other people’s property, so I don’t touch anything in the parking stalls. I photograph each stall exactly as the owner left it, nothing is staged.

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Dimensions (framed) 23" x 31"
Dimensions (unframed) 16" x 24"
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Purchase price$850.00

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