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Road sign (white high-intensity reflective film on aluminum) with silk screen and lazer engraving

‘Flow of Traffic Theory’ is an on-going project of mine - a series of photos of road signs whose messages have been affected in some way. Much of my practice is based on exploring our interaction with everyday forms of visual communication, and the road sign photos specifically approach the breakdown of communication when words and symbols become obscured or distorted.
Along with the photos, I started constructing actual road signs. In this way I was taking the same concepts used in the photos and giving them more of a physical, dimensional presence. These are aluminum-based wall pieces. They’re the exact same size and materials as actual road signs, which is important in maintaining the integrity of the concept.
This piece affects the viewer in a few different ways. You recognize its size and shape as a road sign, but it’s essentially blank. From a distance, you can tell there’s something small on the surface, but it’s so small, you can’t tell what it is. This compels you to come look closer. As you approach the piece, light reflecting on the surface shifts as you move. Up close, you can see the tiny illustration, but that’s when you really become aware of the surface of the piece, all the subtleties in the texture, the reflections and the little flaws.
The highly detailed illustration is laser engraved into the surface. The tiny message on the tiny sign is in contrast to the life sized sign it’s engraved on. The scene reminds me of winter; heavy snowfall on a highway miles from town... Alberta.

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Dimensions (framed) 30" x 30"
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Rental price$23.00
Purchase price$750.00

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