The Poole Centre of Design is an integrated series of programs organized and presented by the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Programs at the Poole Centre of Design seek to generate new ideas and discussion about contemporary issues in design. These programs encourage you to examine the daily design decisions–both large and small—that are made by and impact everyone.

From school tours and education programs to workshops, exhibitions and symposia, the Poole Centre of Design provides opportunities for people of all ages to explore design ideas.

The Poole Centre of Design is made possible by a generous donation from the John and Barbara Poole Family Fund, through the Edmonton Community Foundation. John and Barbara Poole were great patrons of the arts who believed in engaging people of all walks of life in art and design. The AGA is honoured to continue their legacy through the Poole Centre of Design.

Sponsored exhibitions

RBC Work Room: Dara Humniski and Sergio Serrano-Monument

RBC Work Room is an initiative that supports the development of collaborative, contemporary art projects. In this studio-like working space, artists conceive and produce artworks onsite, resulting in a fully realized exhibition.

This second installment features artists/designers Dara Humniski and Sergio Serrano working in residence for six weeks. The artists will work to create works on paper and in various scales. Their exhibition, Monument, will explore tradition, artifact, ruins, utopias and the space between art and design.

Fischli and Weiss / Ibghy and Lemmens

In 1987, Fischli and Weiss created a 100-foot long chain reaction masterwork of cause and effect, precision and technical finesse. In 2012, Ibghy and Lemmens documented a laborious process of assembling, stacking and attempting to balance mundane office equipment. These two films tell two sides of a story–of human ingenuity, industry, and aspiration—and our obsession with success and the inevitability of failure.

Survival Guide

The more you know, the less you carry. – Mors Kochanski

How do we adapt and process current shifting political, economic, personal and environmental challenges to our safety and stability? Featuring photographic, print, sculpture, video and performance artworks, Survival Guide examines strategies for survival within a contemporary art context.