Available Periods 1–3 (2017)

The exhibition Breaking Barriers - The Artist Inside was inspired by the many observations of creative pen, ink and pencil drawings that are done by offenders while in custody in a provincial correctional centre.

Supported by the Department of Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General, the works in this exhibition expose the healing expressions of the circumstances that led someone down the path to their loss of freedom, and the observer gets a glimpse into the lives and journeys that led them there.

This exhibit features artworks by Alberta First Nations artists who completed these pieces while in a provincial correctional centre: talented men and women who have struggled in life and channel their feelings through  paintings and drawings or through poetry. Much of the works reflect the artists’ spiritual connection with their culture and with their families.

The artists have donated their pieces for the opportunity to share their hearts and stories with Alberta communities. Perhaps through their art, understanding and insight can break the barriers that exist between society and The Artist Inside….

Organized by Kathryn Wheaton and Wendy Vanderbleek of Alberta Correctional Services and Shane Golby from the Art Gallery of Alberta (TREX Region 2) for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program. This exhibition was generously funded by Syncrude Canada Ltd.