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Colour, Canvas and Confidence

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Ages 9-12  How do artists share their stories? What story do you want to tell? How does the world around us shape who we are? Tell your own story with canvas by exploring who you are and where you come from. Create zines, self-portraits, and pottery inspired by Faye Heavyshield: Calling Stones (Conversations)

Past, Present, Paint

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Hop in and join us on an adventure through time! In this Saturday morning art class you’ll have the chance to make your own paper, paint like the artists of old, and play with the radical art techniques that brought us to today. Inspired by Turbulent Landings: the NGC 2017 Canadian Biennial, we’ll look to the present and play with collage, sculptures, and pop art as we explore – and create – the future of art!

Alive Today!

This event has passed.

An exploration of how each day is “uniquely the same”. Through various drawing, sculpture, print-making, and mixed-media techniques discover how art and nature talk to each other, and create something new. Visits to the Gallery will help us gather ideas.

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