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Animation ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

Learn the ins and outs of animation in this dynamic ArtBreak Camp. Meet with guest artists and professional illustrators to create a series of animated projects that explore art in motion. Start with animation basics including setting, character and story development. Explore the gallery to gather ideas and then work in 2-D and 3-D using a variety of techniques, both traditional and digital, to bring your animations to life.

Creative Collaborations ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

What is Art? If you replied visual art, dance, theatre and music, this camp is for you! In this energetic ArtBreak camp, explore the connections between the arts as you crisscross creative boundaries. Work collaboratively with AGA educators and guest artists to create new experimental artworks. Use a variety of materials and techniques including painting, drawing, dance interpretations, music-making projects and more! Tour some of Edmonton’s other art centres for additional inspiration.

Art Journalling ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

Experiment with mixed media and turn an ordinary book into a work of art. Visit the gallery for inspiration and document what you see, record the world around you or capture your thoughts on a page. Play with image and text, story development and various artistic techniques to share your stories.

Shutterbug Club ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

Investigate dramatic lighting, interesting compositions, and fun digital photography techniques with this camp. Examine how artists incorporate photographs and other art media to create unique works of art. Paint on photos, add text, explore collage and draw inspiration from current exhibitions. Push boundaries as you take your knowledge of photography to the next level! This ArtBreak Camp includes outdoor community walks and a visit to the Muttart Conservatory for photography assignments.

Art Makers ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

Join us in our own makerlab to experiment with art materials, investigate art technologies and solve art & design challenges.

Over the course of the week, explore current exhibitions to discover how artists use a wide range of technology in innovative ways. In the studio, projects include colour experiments, bio-art investigations, robotic drawing, video documentations and creations, and more!

Art Zoo ArtBreak Camp

This event has passed.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Work both in the studio and on site at the Edmonton Valley Zoo to discover the art of animals. Work in 2-D and 3-D to learn drawing, painting and sculpting techniques while learning more about the animal world. This ArtBreak camp includes two days of art-making, explorations and games at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

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