Enjoy yoga within the calming and ethereal spaces of your AGA.

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
October 5 – November 24
$80/8 week pass

Enjoy yoga within the calming and ethereal spaces of your AGA. Class themes draw from the exhibitions on display for a unique blend of movement and visual inspiration. 

Classes are suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.

Class Descriptions

October 5: In Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project 
Reliving history: how our stories shape our perception

October 12: In Cutline: From the Photography Archives of the Globe and Mail
Advertising versus the real story: the power of having our own experience 

October 19: In Turbulent Landings: 2017 NGC Canadian Biennial
Turbulent landings: exploring variations of the step-through

October 26: In Manning Hall
That which is never told, remains: building a compassionate connection to our core

November 2:  In Faye HeavyShield: Calling Stones (Conversations) 
Breath and body practices for starting a conversation 

November 9: In Ledcor Theatre
What we see when our eyes are closed
(warm clothes are recommended for this session) 

November 16: In Turbulent Landings: 2017 NGC Canadian Biennial
At odds and in it together: how contrast creates balance

November 23:  In Faye HeavyShield: Calling Stones (Conversations)
Tying it all together: building a practice and growing community 


Tori headshot

Tori Lunden’s classes are a light-hearted and eclectic environment. She enjoys teaching people who, like her, never thought yoga was something they could do or enjoy. Tori initially tried yoga to help recover from rugby injuries, but was hooked by the silent and nurturing nature of the practice.  Over a decade later, her knees and back have healed and she has an appreciation for both her body and her life that she never thought possible.