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Exhibition visits, studio projects and more—offered in English, French and Spanish

From exploring exhibitions to creating projects in the Singhmar Centre for Art Education, the AGA has a program for everyone.

AGA school programs support the goals of the 21st Century Skills Framework such as critical thinking, problem identification and solving and innovation. They provide support to all areas of the Alberta Education Programs of Study:

  • fine arts
  • language arts
  • social studies
  • science
  • Spanish
  • French

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable AGA educators lead the school programs. Educators have a diverse range of background experiences in both art-making and teaching. 

Types of programs

Build your program by choosing from exhibition visitsstudio projects or a full-day combination of the two. Or, experience a more immersive, multi-day art apprenticeship program.

Exhibition visits

An exhibition visit begins with an introduction to the institution and the chosen theme. Students visit and discuss thematically linked artworks while participating in hands-on activities during their 90–minute visit.

Exhibition visits are offered in English, French and Spanish. Choose a language to learn more. 

Studio projects

Studio projects in the AGA’s Singhmar Centre for Art Education let students experiment with media to better understand the process and concepts explored by specific artists.

Studio projects are offered in English, French and Spanish. Choose a language to learn more. 


A full-day experience combines an interactive exhibition visit and a studio project for a dynamic full-day learning opportunity.

Students will have the opportunity to connect with current exhibitions through close-looking in the gallery and then exercise their creativity in the studio. You can create your own combination or choose from our recommended combinations for your day at the AGA! 

Full-day programs include use of the studio lunch facilities.

Full-day programs are offered in English. Contact us to inquire about other languages. 

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Art apprenticeship

Experience 3 in-depth days of art and excitement at the AGA! Your students become apprentice artists and curators while they visit multiple exhibitions and work on studio projects—all relating back to an overall theme and concepts that we’ll develop with you based on your grade level and class

Each day students visit exhibitions for explorations and hands-on activities in the morning and work in the studio with a variety of art projects in the afternoon.

Art apprenticeships are offered in English. Contact us to inquire about other languages.

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