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Programs in English

Exhibition visits

90 minutes
9:30 am, 11 am and 12:30 pm
Late afternoons, evenings and weekends available upon request

Tiny Art Adventures

preschool - grade 1

Search, move, play and discover in this interactive Gallery visit. Tiny Art Adventures introduces young students to art and the museum through a variety of interactive, multi-sensory exercises. Join us in an exploration of line, shape, colour, texture, and the investigation of how artists use art to tell stories and send messages. With a focus on early literacy, environmental awareness, and creative expression.
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Artist as Storyteller

Grades 1 - 6

Learn all about the art of storytelling. This thematic visit includes brainstorming, story sequencing, and oral storytelling activities. Facilitate the exploration of the connection between visual and written texts. Introduce multi-sensory, multi-level strategies for interacting with art, and help the development of creative narratives in response to visual imagery.
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Learning to Look

Grades 2 -12

How can we ‘read’ a work of art? Students explore the art and architecture of the AGA to practice close-looking and observation strategies while strengthening their visual literacy and visual thinking skills. This program introduces multiple ways of looking at art while focusing on how students can connect art and ideas to their own lives and experiences.
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The Science of Museums

Grades 3 -9

Art and science connect in this inquiry-based program. Students investigate the science of art and the art museum, including the way buildings are used and how exhibitions are environmentally controlled, through a variety of open-ended exercises. Students explore patterns in artwork and exhibitions to practice clue gathering and making predictions, and discover the science behind museums!
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Art Beyond Borders

Grades 7 – 12

Students explore how artists use the visual arts to communicate cultural influences and how artists have responded to the impact of major world events through their art over time. This program explores the idea of ‘worldview’ challenging students to consider their own worldview and how it connects to those of artists from the past and present.

Art Texts

Grades 10 – 12

Investigate art as text with this exploration that focuses on developing critical viewing strategies and skills by connecting to student experiences with visual imagery. Through group discussions, creative writing exercises and visual representation games, students investigate visual texts within the Gallery.

Studio projects

2 hours
9:30 am and noon
Late afternoons, evenings and weekends available upon request

Play on Architecture

preschool – grade 3

Students examine the art and architecture of the AGA focusing on lines, shapes, colour, and textures. Students compare and contrast architectural elements in the gallery before creating their own 3D architectural sculpture in studio using wood-blocks.
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Colour Play

preschool – grade 2

Students explore their world through colour with multi-sensory and experimental colour exercises. Starting in the studio, students combine, share, and play to learn about colour mixing. Students then use their five senses to explore colour in Gallery spaces through search games and movement activities. Back in the studio, students work in groups to create a large scale mural inspired by different types of music.
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My Place

Grades 2 - 6

Students explore the idea of ‘place’ and their own place in the world through storytelling, gallery explorations and a mixed-media sculpture project. Students investigate the basic elements of landscape art including foreground, mid-ground and background, and visit gallery spaces to discover how artists tell stories about ‘places’ in their artwork. In the studio, students work with a variety of materials to build their own 3-dimensional relief sculpture based on a place that is important to them.

Architecture Olympics:

Grades 3 – 9

How can design be used to make our lives better, easier, or more fun? Students will discover how design is all around us and shapes our lives and lifestyle. Design learning, inquiry-based activities, critical and creative thinking are all key concepts. Students will engage in a process of design which will have them looking at and thinking critically about the built and artistic world that surrounds us
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Art Stories

Grades 4 – 9

Students discover storytelling in the work of artists from the past and present. In the Gallery, Students explore current exhibitions to discover the connection between art and story to gather inspiration to develop their own personal narrative. In the studio, students create a small watercolour and block print to illustrate their ideas.
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Curating Collections

Grades 7-12

Students look more closely at how art is collected and curated through a series of in-gallery discussions and activities. Students identify artistic subject matter and themes, experiment with mixed media techniques to create miniature artworks on paper, and try their hand at writing a curatorial statement. How meaning is constructed and manipulated by artists, curators/collectors and viewers.

Full-day programs

9:30 am–2 pm
Weekends available upon request


Create an all-immersive day of art and fun! Combine an exhibition visit with a studio project—plus a gallery activity connected to your studio project.
Full-day programs include use of the studio lunch facilities.

Sample schedule

9:30–11:30 am            Exhibition visit with AGA educators
11:30 am–noon     Lunch in studios
Noon–2 pm            Studio project

20 students or fewer: $323
30 students or fewer: $370
*All prices are before GST
teens drawing in a gallery

Art Apprenticeship

3 days
Mondays unavailable
9:30 am–2 pm daily


Experience 3 in-depth days of art and excitement at the AGA! Your students become apprentice artists and curators while they visit multiple exhibitions and work on studio projects—all relating back to an overall theme that we’ll develop with you.

30 students or fewer:       $1110
*All prices are before GST


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Saturday: 11 am-5 pm
Sunday: 11 am-5 pm


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AGA members
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