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Meet our art educators

Learn about the art educators who will engage you and your family with art

Connecting viewers to meaningful concepts is what Jessica finds so special about working within the AGA’s education team. Jessica facilitates her groups in art journeys that welcome all abilities. She creates a community atmosphere where inquiry is encouraged to develop personal meanings. Each person’s creative process helps inform the group.

Jessica’s personal modes for creative expression rest in fine arts, music, and movement. Through these varied interests Jessica found herself completing her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy at St. Stephen’s College. It is the constant drive to discover and explore through the creative arts that Jessica hopes to facilitate. We hope her contagious enthusiasm for the arts will catch you too!


Joyce has been an engaged educator for more than a decade. Initially she studied Business Management and later received her Master’s degree in Sociology. She speaks four languages and is passionate about meeting and chatting with people from different backgrounds. As an art educator at the AGA, she loves helping children, teens and adults find their inner artist. She enjoys helping people learn more about artists and their work so that they create their own unique artwork. Joyce thinks the most important thing at any given workshop is for everyone to have fun!

As a Spanish bilingual educator working with pre-school and K-12 students, Krisna is fulfilling her dream: working creatively with children through art! An avid traveller, Krisna has taught English and art in India and Vietnam, and most recently, for several years in Spain. She is excited about art education at the AGA and delights in welcoming our youngest patrons to the wonders of art through Tours for Tots drop-in and Saturday family classes. Sparking enthusiasm and spontaneity are the core of Krisna's teaching.

Creating conversations around art and the many different ways we appreciate it is what Liam enjoys most about working at the AGA. Having signed on in October 2017, Liam comes from a background in theory, history, performance and literature. He has previous experience as a heritage interpreter at the Alberta Legislature, as well as actively runs writing workshops in the city. What interests Liam most with visual art, is its poetic potency and its ability to speak with or without words. 

Liuba joined the AGA's Education Department as a bilingual educator in October 2017. She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta. She researches modern and contemporary Cuban art and activist printmaking in the Americas. As an educator, Liuba aims to demystify the art museum by encouraging students to draw personal connections with works and take up stewardship of cultural heritage. Her teaching emphasizes inquiry and the development of visual literacy skills that will serve students beyond the classroom. Liuba enjoys working within the AGA's vibrant and caring community of learners.

Matt joined the AGA as an educator in October of 2017, and has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, with a major in fine arts. Along with a broad interest in many forms of visual art, Matt has a background in music, playing in several local bands that have toured throughout North America and Europe. He is also a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu and has studied in Hong Kong and mainland China. With a holistic view of life and learning, Matt’s goal as an educator is to introduce young people to the wide range of experiences and potentials that come with an involvement in the arts.

Mitchell has wanted to be a teacher since he was in second grade. To be a teacher was a chance to thrive in structured chaos: each day was planned out ahead of time, but everything could change in a moment depending on the class. Each moment spending time with students feels unique & novel.

Having the chance to teach art is an even greater opportunity, as it offers the ability to really focus on process-based learning and, more importantly, an environment to cultivate a space for playful failure & co-operative creation. "Personally, I feel that’s what creates the best kinds of learning", Mitchell believes.

After graduating from the U of A’s combined BA Drama/BEd Secondary program, Mitchell is grateful for the chance to explore art-making, media-studies, and peer-to-peer interactions with kids. In his spare time he consumes an absurd amount of film, Netflix, and comic books. You can also find him hosting WenghTalk Radio, an interview-based podcast he recently started.

Noa is a visual artist and educator with a BFA degree from the University of British Columbia. After teaching at a public school in South Korea for 2 years, she joined the AGA team to pursue art education. Her teaching philosophy is to encourage students to always keep an open mind, try everything, tackle new challenges and achieve their personal best. Noa’s favourite aspects of teaching are in engaging with a variety of people from multiple backgrounds, perspectives and personalities, and being able to witness their growth and improvement. Her interests lie in figure drawing and painting, storyboarding, digital art and illustration.

Patrick has been with the AGA since 2013, and as a figurative realist painter and portraitist, brings his own expertise to the table. Patrick’s work has been placed in the Alberta Foundation for the Arts permanent collection as and many private collections. He has been included in the TREX, AGA/AFA touring exhibition program and celebrated his third solo exhibition late 2014. Patrick’s passion for art extends into his teaching at the AGA, and he believes in maintaining a light classroom environment that leaves room for inspiration and innovation in the moment. He believes that students should be treated as equals, and it is their engagement and enthusiasm that makes working at the AGA worthwhile.

Roger is a self taught freelance illustrator who has been working in acrylics, ink and digital media professionally for over 10 years. His illustrations have been published in children’s books, ads, newspapers and educational material. Roger’s passion extends into the other parts of the gallery as well, acting as both an educator and helping to assist with art rentals. He has been an educator at the AGA for over a year educating youth and adults. As an educator, Roger feels passionate about working with youth because of their passion for life and laughter.


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