Art Gallery of Alberta

Annual Report Feature: Fund Development Transforms

Curator's circle membership

A single drop of water may be tiny, but add it to others and together they become a flowing river. Making a donation to the AGA has a similar effect. Individual contributions combine to become a significant source of funding for the AGA.

The Art Gallery of Alberta could not continue to operate without the support of our donors and members, and in 2015, the Fund Development team worked to facilitate their support. Individual donors continued to take the opportunity to make financial gifts to support and sustain the Art Gallery of Alberta. Those donations were often from members, and were frequently included when renewing their yearly AGA memberships.

In 2015, membership continued as a vital way for people to support the AGA. Maintaining the quality and value of our membership program was a key part of caring for our supporters. Member benefits, including access to unique programming, continued to be an important focus. Curator’s Circle members enjoyed additional experiences and opportunities with their membership. Newly introduced in spring 2015, Director’s Circle nearly doubled in size by year end, and its members experienced further unique opportunities.

Not all forms of support are monetary. The gift of time is also valuable, and our dedicated volunteers helped run programs, special events and exhibitions. Without these volunteers, the AGA could not have put on nearly as many programs, and in 2015, the Fund Development Team focused increased energy on the volunteer program. New initiatives for volunteers included instituting volunteer orientation, creating a volunteer manual and extending volunteer access to unique events at the AGA.

Looking to the future, the Fund Development Team is working on the creation of new donation models. These models include enhanced online donation options, the creation of a monthly giving program and celebratory giving. Celebratory giving encourages people to give a non-traditional gift. What do you give the person who has everything? You give the gift of a donation in their name to one of their favourite places— the Art Gallery of Alberta. Whether it is Christmas, Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, graduation or memorial, a donation to the AGA is the gift for any occasion.

2016 promises to become a year of donor and member celebration. Come join us and celebrate with your AGA.