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Put yourself out there!

Congratulations to Sarah Holmgren, you won the Turn it UP NORTH video contest! Enjoy 2 tickets to the November 19 Refinery, a $600 shopping spree courtesy of Camper’s Village and swag from CKUA!

View the Top 10 video submissions, including Sarah’s, here >

Are you ready to Turn it UP NORTH? Submit a video of yourself performing in the wild (singing, playing music, dancing, acting, telling jokes, etc.) for a chance to win two tickets to the AGA’s Refinery Late Night Art Party on November 19, plus a prize package courtesy of Camper’s Village. The top ten videos will be screened at Refinery on November 19.

Kevin Schmidt’s Wild Signals and Ragnar Kjartansson’s The End, both featured in the AGA’s new exhibition UP NORTH, involve musical performances in remote, empty landscapes. Schmidt created a stage performance with light, sound and dry ice in the empty arctic and Kjartansson literally played music to the mountains. Take inspiration from these artists create your own outdoor performance for a chance to win some well earned—and highly coveted—Refinery tickets.

Sing, play music, dance, act, tell some jokes—perform to the empty wilderness in the empty wilderness.

Need an instrument? Your AGA will be dropping harmonicas at random locations for the duration of the Turn it UP NORTH contest. Follow your AGA on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest harmonica drop locations.


One winner will receive:

  • Two tickets to Refinery on November 19, 2011
  • Clothing package courtesy of Camper’s Village

The shopping spree is for a head-to-toe apparel and footwear fitting to be worn and showcased on Refinery night. However, if the winner has funds remaining after selecting an outfit, then they can compliment with gear (i.e. daypack, accessories etc)

Contest rules

  • Video submissions only
  • Minimum length of one minute. Maximum of three minutes
  • Have the video look like you’re performing in the wilderness. (e.g. perform in the river valley, perform in a field, you can even perform in front of a thick bush of trees in your backyard, imply the wilderness, etc.,)
  • YES, Using man-made objects is ok (guitars, drum-machines, keyboards, nose harps, etc.)
  • Winner will be announced via Facebook and Twitter by November 15 and will be contacted via Facebook or e-mail.
  • Winner will have a week to claim their prize by providing a mailing address for delivery or appearing in person at the AGA for pick-up.
  • Perform to your heart’s content!
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to enter

All submissions must contain original content. By submitting your video, you certify that you own the copyright to the content within and any content included and that you agree to grant the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable right and license to copy, reproduce, publish in any media, distribute, and display all submitted photos, images, and text. The AGA reserves the right to remove any submissions at any time. By submitting your video, you agree that the AGA is not responsible for the protection of the identity of contest participants.

See and Submit video performances

All submissions can be seen at our Turn it UP NORTH performance gallery.

To submit an entry, first upload your performance to YouTube so you can send us a link to your video. You can submit your YouTube URL two ways:

1) Online form

Click here to submit through our online form

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Entrants must be 18 years of age or older

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Don't forget to post the link to your video submission on our Facebook event page for Turn it Up North!

2) Facebook

Go to our Turn it Up North event page on Facebook and post your video on it’s wall. We’ll be keeping an eye out for submissions and adding them to the Turn it UP NORTH gallery as they come in.

Note: A Google/YouTube account is required in order to vote.

Vote for your favourite perfomance(s)

Go to the Turn it UP NORTH submission gallery and watch the video submissions on YouTube. Vote with the like button (right below the video on the left hand side). The video with the most likes will win! We will not be factoring in dislikes.

Winner will be announced via the AGA’s Facebook page and through Twitter on November 14, at 5 pm. Stay tuned!