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Your votes are in!

It was a close race between two outstanding designs, but in the end Jessica Hong’s colorful image received the most Facebook likes. Congratulations Jessica! Read more >

Late Night Wednesdays at Shop AGA

Meet us in the Shop Wednesday nights from 5-9 pm to receive 20% off anything in store when you spend a minimum of $50*. It’s a great chance to snap up that architecture book you’ve been ogling or those coveted one-of-a-kind earrings that go with everything.

*Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. Members will receive a total of 20% off.


Shop AGA is your destination for that hard-to-find gift.  Handmade glassworks and jewelry, Canadian art books, creative kid’s stuff and quirky, eclectic must-haves are just a few of the items you’ll find at Shop AGA.

No need to pay admission for a visit to Shop AGA, just come right in to find the best kept secret in the downtown core.

Did You Know?

Shop AGA carries works from 45 Canadian artisans including 21 based in Alberta. If you are interested in submitting any of your pieces to Shop AGA, please click here for more information >

For ordering inquiries, contact Shop AGA at 780.392.2499.

Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Each month, staff from all areas of the AGA will share their “must haves” from Shop AGA with you.

The Indie Rock Coloring Book

“This is by far the coolest coloring book I have ever seen. It combines my interest of music, supporting charity and coloring! Each page is dedicated to an indie rock band, in which you choose the color scheme! All royalties from this book will go to a charity of the bands choice. Pull out your crayons, because you are going to want to fill every page of this book!”

Kaelyn, Education/Shop AGA

This Is Art Magnet

“What defines art? Well, I don’t know, but this magnet is giving it a try. ”

- Karin, Shop AGA

K is for Knifeball

“You’re standing in a dark alley, a red rubber ball in your hand. A large, sharp, serrated knife is attached to the ball with roughly cut duct tape. Suddenly, you hear footsteps approaching. You know this is it, all of the things you have done are about to catch up to you. Realizing that you are about to be caught, you take your guidebook from your hipster shoulder bag, swish your bangs over to one side, and thrust it out in front of you.

“I swear officer, I was only trying to learn the alphabet! I am a kinaesthetic learner and need physical activity to learn!”

The police officer approaches, looks down at you from far above your tiny five-year-old head. “Son, this book is not for children. Where did you get it?”

“My mom told me it was for grown-ups and I was not allowed to read it, but the ball on the front looked just like the one I play with in gym class so I thought she was just trying to keep it all to herself. I read it, and everything it told me to do sounded so fun, I just had to try it!”

The police officer lets out a sigh. “You are under arrest, kid.”

The last thing you see is your Knifeball flying through the air towards him. The last thing you hear is a scream.


- Kara, Guest Services

Scratch Pads

“Do you have a creative itch? Then Scratch pads are for you! These three journals encourage you to create your own design for the cover. Scratch the silver ink away to reveal the neon colors underneath! That should satisfy your itch!”

- Kaelyn, Education/ Shop AGA

Little Paper Planes

“Things I’ve learned about paper airplanes from this book:
They are classy, hilarious, experimental, conceptual, confusing and on top of everything, the greatest new art form. ”

- Jessica, Guest Services

Ball of Whacks

“A person can get lost in creating all sorts of patterns and sculptures with these magnetic pieces. The other day Kara and I made a spaceship and personally, I think it’s pretty awesome. I may be biased though.”

- Karin, Shop AGA

Wooden Coaster Cubes

“Dear makers of Jenga,
I never had any fun with the game because I just wanted to use the blocks for building awesome things. I’m sorry to tell you this, but now I found something that will let me do just that AND hold my cup of tea.

Coaster Cube”

- Jessica, Guest Services

Pattern Box 100 Postcards

“Who doesn’t love design from New York City? This inspiring set of 100 postcards features designs by 10 fabulous designers; curated by The Textile Art Center in New York City. I would frame all 100 if I had enough wall space to hang them. My personal favourite – Victoria Garcia’s floral patterns and organic inspirations.”

- Linnea, Shop AGA

Building a Legacy: Edmonton’s Architectural History

“I like this book because it makes me appreciate the history Edmonton has to offer. From the Ice Age to the fur traders to today, this book breaks down the story of Edmonton’s growth as a city. It’s an informative yet interesting read that’s sure to leave you saying “I heart YEG!”

- Linnea, Shop AGA

Top 10

Top 10 Summer Wedding Gifts

Sandpiper Jar with Cork Lid

Giving the happy couple a present that is unique and handmade is a great way to ensure a memorable gift. These jars are hand-blown in Sandpiper Studio, a small scale studio located in Windermere BC. The graphic designs of animals and trees are fused to the glass through a unique process where glass enamel is silk screened to the vessels and fired in a kiln, making for a very original gift.

Dahlhaus Vases

Handmade by Heather Dahl in Vancouver BC, these lovely vases are glazed in fresh modern colors including white, periwinkle, and turquoise. The speckled glaze is reminiscent of the spots on a robin’s egg, making these vases the perfect gift for a spring wedding.

Molly M Coasters

Designed and made by Molly McGrath in San Francisco, these wonderful coasters are made of merino wool felt that has been laser cut into beautiful patterns and designs, inspired in part by her past work as an architect. They come in a wide variety of color combinations and patterns, giving you lots of choice for the special couple.

Concrete Cat Bookends

Concrete Cat is an Edmonton-based, Über-cool studio who has pioneered techniques in mixing and finishing concrete for products such as vases, candle holders, and art work. These minimalist book ends are classic and will never go out of style, making them a great gift for the book-loving couple.

Brazilian Home Collection Vases

For the wedding couple that has a taste for global style and handmade ceramics these are a beautiful gift. Brazilian Home Collection works directly with local artisans to promote their work and make sure that it is fairly traded, environmentally green, and of high quality. These vases will look beautiful with a tall collection of flowers or grasses or simply let to stand out on their own.

LU Print Trays

Bold, colorful Scandinavian inspired designs decorate these simple birch wood trays made by Lu Prints in Pemberton BC. Lu Prints focuses on sustainability and ethical business practices, making them a great gift for the environmentally conscious bride and groom.

Veekee Sugar and Cream Set

Hand painted by Victoria Wiercinski here in Edmonton, these sugar and cream sets feature bright, happy colors and simple abstract lines, signatures of her illustrative style. Perfect for the tea or coffee loving couple.

On Our Table Boards

Locally made and designed in St. Albert, of incredible quality, and completely gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with a charcuterie board from On Our Table.

Resin and Marble Bowls

Made of marble and resin formed into sculptural bowls and vases, these pieces are certainly unique. Yet, even with their distinct design, they can be easily paired with any style – minimalist, Scandinavian, traditional, etc. A great gift for the couple for whom you’re unsure what to buy for.

Distortion Candlesticks

These funky candle sticks put a modern spin on the traditional candle holder. Even with their unique twist, they manage to retain a timeless style due to their simple finish. If the bride or groom are into modern design technology, they might be interested to know that the candle sticks were designed by distorting a traditional candle stick in a 3D rendering program. Available in silver, bronze, matte red, or matte rust.

Shop AGA in Portland


Shop AGA | Treasure Hunting in Portland

Shop AGA Manager Sarah McCullough recently visited Portland, OR to search for some fresh ideas to bring home. Here are some sneak peeks at what she found, that are now in store!

Come into Shop AGA to see the new products or contact us at 780.392.2499 for more information.

Bird of Virtue

Bird of Virtue artist Linnea Oliver designs these quirky, geometric treasures in San Francisco. Natural hardwoods meet bold, modern color in earring, necklace and cufflink form.

Pterylae Designs

Walking through a local market, I found these vibrant earrings and pendants that remind me so much of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, I walked by three times just to catch sight of them again. Pterylae Designs uses thread and plexiglass to create these delightful works of wearable art.

    “Portland lived up to its rainy reputation, but that just gave me an excuse to duck into all the cute stores downtown! I was impressed by Portland’s dedication to supporting locally owned businesses and artisans (The mayor’s biggest campaign promise was to keep Wal Mart out of the Rose City.) as well as the range of cheerful designs, shapes and colors.”

Ogami Notebooks

On the design front, I was blown away by sleek Ogami notebooks; made from limestone and ecological resins in Milan, Italy. Coming soon in black, silver grey, white and aqua.

Vittorio Martini

Vittorio Martini’s sleek pen/pencil sets come in a lovely box, ready to gift. The sets arrive complete with a pen nib, graphite pencil and colored pencil inserts as well as a sharpener. Italian, elegant and efficient!

Design Contest


Your votes are in!


It was a close race between two outstanding designs, but in the end Jessica Hong’s colorful image received the most Facebook likes. Congratulations Jessica! She wins the $500 prize and will have her image produced on tote bags and coffee mugs for sale in Shop AGA this summer. Keep your eyes on Shop AGA’s web page for more updates.


Congratulations also go out to our runner up, Ayesha Linkiewich, who created this Alberta-inspired design.
Thank you to everyone who submitted works for this contest, your participation is very much appreciated!