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Self_ Refinery

Thank you to everyone who attended Self _ Refinery. We hope you had an amazing time. Our next Refinery late-night art party will be in October 2017. See you there!

March 25, 2017

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Insert yourself into Self_ Refinery on Saturday March 25.

Blending themes from current exhibitions of portraiture and photography with social media and pop culture, this late-night art party is all about you. Make the night one to share. #fomo

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Refinery Artists

Aaron Pedersen

Award-winning photographer and director, Pedersen started taking photographs in 1999. His subjects range from actors to activists, CEO’s, models, musicians, prostitutes & politicians. He is known for his clean, uncomplicated style, allowing for his subjects personalities to take the spotlight.

Not sticking to one field Pedersen moves seamlessly though the art, fashion and commercial worlds, his work has been seen in magazine editorials, advertising campaigns and on gallery walls.

Blush Artistry

Blush Artistry is team of eighteen certified and licensed makeup artists and hairstylists. Founded in 2007 by owner Heather Dick, the company truly took off after introducing themselves on social media in 2014. In those three short years the team and clientele has grown immensely.

Servicing thousands of clients a year, their style is vast and fun. Although their main clientele focuses on beauty looks, each artist and stylist is well versed in all areas of hair and makeup – editorial, fashion to name a few.

Brittney Roy

Brittney Roy is an artist living in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2012 she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Alberta in printmaking and drawing.

Roy’s current studio practice challenges the line between reality and fantasy. She explores intimate stranger interactions, the human body and storytelling based on her fascination with her own humorous and sometimes disturbing personal experiences.

Jason Gordon

Starting out small and working toward a much larger vision, MOBLpixl was created by Jason Gordon of Edmonton, Alberta. Jason has always been fascinated by the world of cinematography and chose to pursue studying many facets of the realm in a different way.

The past few years have been focused on providing businesses and organizations with promotional or information based video. This year, he is starting to build a team and beginning to work on original entertaining and documentary productions in the forms of live action and animation. Being a musician himself, he also wishes to work with other artists and help bring their dreams to life.

Sergio Serrano

Sergio Serrano is a graphic designer and artist born in Mexico, now living in Edmonton. He received a BA in Design from the University of Alberta in 2009. His design client-work focuses mainly on the arts and education. Literature and mythology are recurring themes in his artwork, which explores the narratives humans create in order to understand themselves and their place in the world around them. He works in print media and book works, creating images and objects that feel both familiar and unknown. His work also deals with the communication and transformation of these narratives in language, content and form.

Tennis Club

Tennis Club is a collective consisting of Megan GnanasihamanyMorgan MelenkaMarie Winters, Alyson Davies, and Renée Perrott. The collective found its calling as a metaphorical sports team in 2015, finding their first home at the former Ficus Studios. The clubhouse is currently located at Mcluhan House where Tennis Club is in residency.

The members of Tennis Club are five women, not unlike the Spice Girls, united by a common goal of exploring and engaging with arts and cultural practices including sexuality, leisure, and performativity. The Club’s self-made jurisdiction ranges from Edmonton’s booming metropolis to the abundant Albertan countryside.

As Edmonton’s favourite sporting sensation, Tennis Club aims to build on our localized fame as we support each other in our collective and individual practices.

DJ Thomas Culture

Thomas Culture is a DJ, promoter and event producer living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. This get down selector has over 28 years of experience and is a merchant of nostalgia that will get into the swing.