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Monstrous Baroque Playing Cards

Kristen Hutchinson and Jennifer Rae Forsyth

Creative Directors Kristen Hutchinson and Jennifer Rae Forsyth have created 54 playing cards inspired by their curatorial theme for The Monstrous Baroque Refinery. Hutchinson’s cards were inspired by contemporary wallpaper patterns defined as Baroque and Ulisse Aldrovandi’s woodcut illustrations of monsters published in his Monstrorum Historia in 1642. Forsyth’s cards are inspired by baroque costume and hair, imaginary creatures, and reflect her interest in the tension between decoration and decay.






Molt—a durational collaborative performance

Julianna Barabas

Advisory! Warning! A misshapen pearl is making a fantastic, far-fetched argument in your midst!

For this Refinery, Julianna Barabas creates a space for audiences to purge their inner monsters for the night. Barabas is an independent artist who has been performing for nine years, exploring themes of gender, identity, spirituality and feminist critique in works that range from video & site specific performance to lifetime performance conversations, the latter through a conceptual tattoo ‘seamline’. She has a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr Institute and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Western Ontario.

Let’s get lost in the dark, forget who we were and resurface as something new.

– Daniel, @blindedpoet

Baroque Ensemble

Early Music Alberta

Baroque composers were intent that their instrumental music set moods and make contrasts apparent. They were heavily reliant on both harmony and melody.  This Baroque ensemble with Early Music Alberta will take place in the exhibition Beautiful Monsters: Beasts and Fantastic Creatures in Early European Prints and will include Michel Corrette’s “Le Phénix” (the Phoenix), Marin Marais’ “The Depiction of a Badder Stone Surgery” and Lylly’s “Song for the Forced Marriage”.

Early Music Alberta is an active promoter and organiser of an early music concert series, as well as an early music festival and is sponsor of many early music related activities.

Night Again, Not Night Still

Jennifer Mesch and Scott Smallwood

Night Again, Not Night Still is a dance and sound performance by Jennifer Mesch and Scott Smallwood that portrays a ghostly presence indefinitely trapped in a room of full of books.

Jennifer Mesch is an Edmonton-based dance artist. She directs the Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy through which she collaborates with dancers, artists, scientists and citizens. Recent collaborations include performances with the eXperimental Improvisational Music Ensemble (XIME). Mesch is currently masterminding a video installation in an architectural cave. Scott Smallwood is a sound artist, composer, and musician who creates works inspired by discovered textures and forms, through a practice of listening, field recording and sonic improvisation. He designs experimental electronic instruments and software, as well as sound installations and site-specific performance scenarios. He performs as one-half of the laptop/electronic duo Evidence (with Stephan Moore) and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta where he teaches Composition, Improvisation and Electroacoustic music at the University of Alberta.

Pharmakon. (i bare my own opposite)

Courtney Chetwynd

Courtney Chetwynd is an artist-researcher who was raised in the Eastern and Western Arctic of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Currently a Ph.D. Candidate with the University of Dundee in Scotland, her work explores concepts of performativity and liminiality within Northern culture. In this installation, she attempts to activate intimacy within a larger public space, examining the more psychologically charged nature of place.







Exquisite Corpses

Kristen Hutchinson, Sergio Serrano, Ryan Wolters

This interactive sculptural installation is inspired by the Surrealist parlour game Exquisite Corpse. It is the product of a collaboration between Edmonton-based artists Kristen Hutchinson (a Creative Director for this Refinery), Sergio Serrano and Ryan Wolters. Serrano is a graphic designer and artist whose work addresses issues such as cosmology, mythology, folklore, proto- and pseudoscience as attempts to understand, explain and communicate human experience. Wolters’ practice includes drawing and collage focusing on fear and neurosis as it relates to the human body. Wolters has exhibited at local, national and international levels; most recently he was included in The New Alberta Contemporaries at the Esker Foundation in Calgary.


Edmonton DJ troupe GirlsClub will have you dancing to the wee hours of the morning.

Bianca Osbourne, Sarah Keats and Suzy Kenny formed the GirlsClub DJ trio in 2008. After fighting for control of the I-pod at parties they realized that their combined musical taste was always getting the room dancing, so why not learn how to DJ? With Sarah Keats away in Toronto, Jaclyn Panylyk (aka Les DJ) joined GirlsClub to keep the trio tradition, allowing two girls on decks and at least one dancer on the floor at all times. The GirlsClub DJs’ musical choice consists primarily of nu-disco, house, pop, indie and the good oldies.

Twitter: @GirlsClub_DJs
Facebook: Girls Club DJs
Soundcloud: GirlsClub_Djs


And more…

It doesn’t stop here. The night also includes hands-on projects and games throughout the building. From Baroque era croquet, to masks and printmaking and sweets galore it promises to be monstrously fun.

Meet the Creative Directors of this Refinery and learn more about their vision >