Art Gallery of Alberta

Refinery – November 20, 2010

Come out and party in the Gallery with a mix of Alberta-based talent! Take in three floors of exhibitions, groove to slick tunes by local DJs and immerse yourself in oil-inspired dance performances. Participate in interactive art projects – build a ‘manufactured landscape’ and create your own ‘carbon footprint’ to add to an ongoing installation piece!

Performances: MILE ZERO Dance
Music: DJs Fish Griwkowsky and Sideponytail
Five exhibitions: works by Burtynsky, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, St. Pierre and more
Get creative: interactive art projects
Get social: drinks and snacks


Advance tickets sold out
Doors at 9 pm
AGA Members 10% off / AGA Ultra Members 50% off

Must be 18+ to attend

OIL Photo Contest

Congratulations to Garret Kinjerski on receiving the most votes (‘likes’)! All of the contest entries can be viewed here. Thanks to all who entered!


View photos from the night on our Flickr page.

Interactive Projects

Manufactured Landscapes

Compose your own ‘manufactured landscape’ using found objects – then light and photograph your creation! We’ll be adding the images to our Flickr galleries for you to download and share.

View photos of the Manufactured Landscapes on our Flickr page.

Carbon Footprints

Create your own ‘carbon footprint’ using carbon transfer paper and different textures, and we’ll display it as part of an ongoing installation piece!

Artist and Performer Bios

Mile Zero Dance

Photo: Studio E Photography

Since its inception in 1985 (founded by Debra Shantz and Andrea Rabinovitch), Mile Zero Dance has been committed to the cultivation of original contemporary dance for 25 years. Being appointed as Artistic Director in 2004, Gerry Morita has been bringing Mile Zero Dance to larger and more diverse audiences with an open, yet artistically challenging style of work. She infuses the company with a distinct voice and aesthetic that encompasses dance, interdisciplinary work, and performance art. Gerry Morita was recognized as Innovative Artistic Director of the Year in 2006 by Syncrude at The Mayor’s Evening for the Arts in Edmonton.

MZD has developed a wide array of collaborations with both individuals and companies locally, nationally and internationally. The company works with others in a spirit that fosters creativity and vitality and is devoted to the development and artistic viability of dance performance in Edmonton.

MZD is a member of the AFA Artist Education Roster, the Alberta Dance Alliance, the Edmonton Arts Council, the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, and PACE.

Shawn Pinchbeck – music/soundtrack
Gerry Morita – choreographic scores/scenes
Eryn Tempest – dancer
Kat Smy – dancer
Heidi Bunting – dancer
David MacInnis – dancer
Michelle Milenkovic – singer/performer
Matt Brault – dancer
Patrick Arès Pilon – film
Tanya – stage manager from U of A
Sid Neigum – tire dress
studio e photgraphy – process photography

Thanks to: Ernest, Betty Hushlak, Lin Snelling, Kat Smy, Valerie Morris, Carley Greene, and Ruth Burns

Fish Griwkowsky

Fish Griwkowsky is a photographer both of stills and motion, and cultural columnist for publications including SEE, the Sun and the Toronto Star following the tenets of something he calls impressionistic journalism. He’s currently Latitude 53’s writer in residence, a special honour. Lately, his work with Trevor Anderson has been shown at TIFF and other festivals, but when it really comes down to it he’s here to make you dance at Refinery with Sideponytail, so let’s concentrate on that!


Sideponytail is Karen Campos (dj campos), Sarah Patterson (dj smallcaps) and Alanna Chelmick (dj doubletights).

Sideponytail was but a twinkle in the eyes of Karen (dj campos) when she and Sarah (dj smallcaps) met while dj-ing the 2008 Exposure closing party. The pair soon started spinning together at the now-defunct Circles where Karen produced a series of dance parties called “Dance Dance Queer Revolution” in the space until it’s untimely demise. Campos and Smallcaps joined forces with Alanna (dj doubletights), one of the resident Beers for Queers DJs and of the long-running CJSR show “Between Yesterday and Tomorrow”, to form Sideponytail. The first official Sideponytail dance party was held in May 2010.

“We all have day jobs. We just love music and want to let people dance. Also, we do weddings and bar mitzvahs.”  – smallcaps